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Posted: June 24, 2022

― UTokyo D & I Campaign 2022 ―

The University of Tokyo has been conducting the “U Tokyo D & I Campaign 2022” since March with the aim of realizing an attractive inclusive campus where everyone can play an active role by promoting diversity and inclusion (hereinafter referred to as “D & I”). Regarding D & I initiatives, we will introduce the aspirations and actions of the directors of each department and other members of the university.

Actions and messages

Opening of Safer Space and All Gender Toilet in Faculty of Education

Yoshihiro Oguni (Professor), Graduate School of Education, Faculty of Education

As the issue of how to increase the inclusiveness and diversity of the campus becomes a major issue, the Faculty of Education has opened KYOSS (Faculty of Education Safer Space) and All Gender Toilet in April 2022.

KYOSS has started operation as a platform that enables new liberal arts education through mutual learning and collaboration between students, graduate students, faculty and staff with diverse gender / sexuality, disabilities, and difficulty in living. All layouts and equipment are based on the needs of the students. Also, during times when it is not used as a safer space, many students use it every day as a place where everyone can spend their time with peace of mind.

In addition, an all-gender toilet has been installed in the adjacent location as a facility that anyone can use with peace of mind regardless of gender, and is used by many students and faculty members.

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