Facebook viral: young man teaches his dog good manners and scene surprises thousands

You will be surprised. Not like others animals, dogs stand out for their great intelligence, which allows them to demonstrate incredible attitudes and gestures that are not part of their nature. This was demonstrated by the dog that appears in the video viral From Facebook.

In the first seconds of video viral which has more than 320,000 views on Facebook, the moment was recorded when a young man gave orders to his pet and it immediately complied with them.

The man asked the dog to stretch its paw and turn 360 ° in the same place. Surprisingly, the dog listened to him and waited until he received his award. The scene has been broadcast on the internet and it did not take long to cause a great sensation among Internet users, who could not help but be astonished when they saw the animal act.

Here we share the video viral of Facebook so that you can appreciate the puppy obeying the instructions of its owner.


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