Face to Face | Javier Banderas and Theresa Zabell two lovers of sailing sailing the Mediterranean

Together with the presenter of the program, Antonio Jesús López Nieto, former international soccer referee, and Javier Banderas, brother of the actor, film director and businessman, Antonio Banderas, Theresa Zabell gets on board a boat to navigate the bay of Malaga.

Theresa tells us how the break he had in training after being a mother caused him to be unable to maintain his athletic performance and to lose ADO scholarship.

In the 1998 World Cup, there were ninths and the scholarship no longer corresponded to him and without that help he could not finance the Olympic career. It was even studied how to make an exception for her but Theresa wanted more flexibility for all athletes when they had a prick in being able to regain the scholarship.

In addition, during the trip Theresa gives Antonio Jesús some little ideas about how to navigate and handle the boat.


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