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The extraordinary competition will be held. Point. This is the line adopted by Minister Azzolina and by the Government. The test will begin to take place from 22 October despite the polemics of the world of politics and the protests of the temporary workers, also in light of the ever increasing infections. But both Azzolina and her colleague Granato, of the Five Star Movement, point out to the opposites that in these days other public competitions are taking place and therefore it is not clear why you have to postpone the one reserved for temporary workers.

The competition of the carabinieri is done. Why not that of the precarious?

The senator Bianca Laura Granato, through a post on Facebook, this topic returns: “To respond to the theorists of the postponements of the extraordinary competition: In these days in Rome, from 12 October to 6 November, the competitions for the Carabinieri are held“.

On the day of October 16, the minister Lucia Azzolina, during the Confindustria Youth Conference, he reiterated his no to a postponement of the extraordinary competition: “October 22 is the start of rehearsals. These are very safe competitions because we don’t have to imagine large exhibition halls. There Rai a few days ago made a competition for 3 thousand people with a thousand per pavilion. We put ten in the laboratory, in maximum safety over several days”.

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Security measures

The security protocol prepared for the extraordinary competition foresees that the identification operations of the candidates will start at 8.00 for the morning shift and at 13.30 for the afternoon shift. The morning shift is scheduled from 9:00 to 11:30 and the afternoon shift from 14:30 to 17:00.

Over 20,000 workstations will be set up for an average of less than 10 candidates per classroom, to ensure spacing.

On the other hand, this week also received the OK from the CTS on the tests of the extraordinary competition: the rules prepared for the competition are adequate.

Extraordinary secondary competition, from 22 October to the start with the tests: the info.

The problems remain

The main problems are related to the fact that i teachers placed in quarantine will not be able to access the trial. As well as who will have one temperature over 37.5 ° or suspicious symptoms: the safety protocol of the extraordinary competition, as we know, in fact provides that these teachers cannot access the test.

For them, and here the controversy starts, no supplementary test is foreseen at the moment, with the result that after years of insecurity and having prepared for the competition test, the risk is that everything will go up in smoke.

Without forgetting that thousands of precarious teachers have applied for other regions or in any case will have to move within their own to reach the exam venue, and therefore the real danger for these candidates would be just that travel by plane, train or bus. And on transport we know how the situation is not at all consistent in many cases.

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