[Extracurricular activities]Students from the University’s Volunteer Circle assist in running the Mahoroba Ainowa Concert 2022 | News Topics

At the “Mahoroba Ainowa Concert 2022” held on Saturday, November 19th at the Yamato Takada Sazanka Hall (Large Hall), four students from the university’s volunteer circle performed under the guidance of Music Director Mariko Matsumoto (marimba player). I also provided operational assistance.

“Mahoroba Ainowa Concert 2022” is a “Great Art Festival for Everyone to Enjoy in Nara Prefecture” It is an event held under the concept of an art festival. This is the 6th year of this concert, in which people with and without disabilities perform together.

Students from the university’s volunteer circle also participated in the practice session for the actual performance and assisted in managing the progress of the concert.

(Left) Setting up the stage (Right) Just waiting for the opening)

Participating students commented, “I met people from various backgrounds living in the community and learned about their various feelings.” “I learned that an event is only possible because of the efforts of various people. It was a very valuable experience.”

(Left) Lighting inspection (Right) From the stage to the venue

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