Extended the term to apply for scholarships for initiation in the company of the SEPI Foundation

  • The call will be open until October 2 for young people with a university degree or higher vocational training degree

The SEPI Foundation has extended until October 2 the deadline to request the scholarships of the second selection process of the Company Initiation Program corresponding to 2022. The call is addressed to young people with a university degree or higher degree of professional trainingwithout previous work experience, who want to carry out a period of practical training in the business field.

Scholarships can be applied for at Foundation websiteand the interviews for the selection process will be held electronically between September 28 and October 11.

The incorporation of the selected people is scheduled for the month of November, with a initial duration of the fellowship of six months, extendable for another semester at the request of each company or institution collaborating with the program. The monthly allowance It will be 885 euros for people with a university degree and 800 euros for people who are higher vocational training technicians. In the event that the training practice takes place abroad, these amounts may be increased, depending on the country of destination of the scholarship.

Between the requirements In order to be eligible for scholarships, they must have been born after November 1, 1992, as well as having completed the necessary studies to obtain the corresponding official title as of January 1, 2020. They may also submit their application for scholarships Master’s students who have passed all the subjects necessary to obtain the corresponding degree, with the exception of the master’s final project, are convened.

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The list of qualifications eligible to access the scholarships of the Initiation Program in the Company 2022/2 is published on the website of the SEPI Foundation.

Both private companies that have signed a contract with the Foundation and companies from the Group SEPI.

Access the bases of the call.

scholarship programs

Since 1980, the SEPI Foundation has been developing the Company Initiation Program, a general call that has the objective of enabling a period of practical training in companies for young people with university or higher professional training.

The SEPI Foundation is a pioneer in the management of scholarship programs for practical training in public and private companies and institutions. In addition to company initiation scholarships, it announces specialized programs in which a single company or institution participates and startup programs aimed at young people in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT).

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