Explicit animal abuse in a viral video: “We ask justice to intervene ex officio”

They ask for the intervention of Justice, for animal abuse.

Laura Martínez Cánepa, who is part of the NGO I am animal, visited the studios of TV CITY and repudiated the fact that he described as “perverse and terrible, they are children encouraged by adults who, we understand, are their guardians.”

The video that went viral two days ago shows three children who are encouraged by their parents, one at a time, to hit a cat against the floor, without the possibility of defense, until they leave it faint or lifeless.

“In this fact that was made public, all laws and regulations for the protection of animals and children are violated. It is a fact that has to be condemned by society, but above all, the State, from Justice and from the Executive bodies, must implement immediate actions. Justice must enforce current regulations and the Executive implement awareness campaigns so that the entire population knows the laws in force and have a population sensitized to the protection of animals. The State must ensure this and in this event that involves children, the corresponding areas must intervene to guarantee the right of these children to a life free of violence, with education, with mental and moral integrity that are part of the right of childhood. ”, stressed the activist.

“We ask justice to intervene ex officio. We have national laws, Law 14346, the Provincial Law on Animal Welfare and Article 124 of the Code of Misdemeanors”, he highlighted and stressed that there are regulations at all levels and it is appropriate, after the fact has been made public, to intervene ex officio. “It is a serious and violent act and as a society we have to give the message of protecting animals, of taking care of these defenseless beings. It destroys you to see those images of cruelty and abuse encouraged by adults.

He asked the community in general to go to any police station, court or prosecutor’s office to witness similar events and even call 911 to report and intervene in time. “The State must be protective”, she pointed out and also questioned that “there are no campaigns sustained over time”, as established by the animal protection law.

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