. Explain what elements you would consider to determine the fertilization formula for a crop. two.

2. Calculate the population densities of the following crops

a) 5 hectares of creole corn were sown on the hillside using a furrow width of 80 cm, a distance between points of 70 cm and three seeds per point.

b) 10 hectares were sown mechanically. of beans, for this a team with three seeders was used, the width between each seeder was 75 cm. The seed plates were calibrated to shoot an average of 10 seeds per meter.

3. The fertilization treatment per hectare recommended by INIFAP in the Frailesa region for corn, beans, sorghum and sugar cane crops are the following:

A) Creole corn on the hillside fertilization formula 100-40-00 b) Beans mechanized sowing fertilization formula 60-40-00
C) Sorghum for grain with mechanized sowing fertilization formula 100-40-00
d) Sugar cane mechanized sowing with treatment 190-60-30

The commercial fertilizers that exist on the market are the following:
Diammonium phosphate (18-46-00)
​Urea (46-00-00)
Triple calcium superphosphate (00-46-00)
Ammonium nitrate (32.5-00-00)
​Triple 17 (17-17-17)

Determine the following:
How much of each fertilizer will the producer buy per ha.
How many applications will it carry out and when
What amount will apply per application.
What will be the total volume of fertilizer used.

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