Experts confirm that this is the fruit that is good for our dog

With the summer heat we feel exhausted and even our four-legged friends are affected. In fact, how many times does our dog lie down on the floor and in the coolest corner of the house?

Dogs suffer from heat and heatstroke like us and their breathing becomes labored. This happens because they are able to regulate body temperature but if the dog becomes restless, it is best to take him to the vet.

In summer we try to always keep it away from the sun’s rays inside the house, do not leave it on the balcony even if it needs to be repaired because it suffers from the heat in any case. We air the house as much as possible and give it fresh water always available and snacks. If we have to take him for a walk to do the needs we avoid rush hours. Not only because the sun peaks and it is warmer for us too, but also because it burns its legs.

As for food, we continue to give him the kibble and snacks but the vets say we can also give him fresh fruit.

Fruits and vegetables

Through kibble and snacks, the dog has the nutritional values ​​he needs but may also need antioxidants. These are not contained in the classic dog food so you have to compensate with foods that contain them. Fruits and vegetables contain substances that are very good for the dog and help their body but obviously we are not talking about all the varieties. There are prohibited fruits and vegetables such as dried fruit, grapes, avocado, orange, mandarin, eggplant, potato, garlic and onion.

Experts confirm that this is the fruit that is good for our dog

We can give the dog fruit as a substitute for snacks so he will have that good sugar level that will cheer him up. The fruit that is good for your dog’s health is pear as it is made up of a lot of water which is good for hydration in the summer. It contains a lot of fiber and mineral salts that will help your body and that’s why experts confirm that this is the fruit that is good for our dog. But we can also give him the apple which is just as healthy for the dog. Keep in mind that you must not exceed with the quantity and to remove the stone and the seeds.

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