Experts are worried about the emergence of ‘Super Mutant’ Corona Variants

INDOZONE.ID – As is known, the Corona virus mutated to become a malignant variant. Related to this, experts are worried that Corona will mutate into a ‘super mutant’ variant.

The expert is Professor of clinical microbiology at the University of Cambridge, Ravi Gupta. He is afraid that the super mutant variant is highly contagious and difficult to prevent, even with a vaccine.

However, he also does not believe it can happen along with increasingly advanced science and technology. He believes that if it does exist, surely the experts can figure out how to deal with it.

Ravi Gupta’s ‘bad’ thoughts were created after seeing the cases of COVID-19 in India. He explained that it was possible that the COVID-19 case in India was only the beginning.

“I think we already have a vaccine, now what we need is for manufacturers to adapt vaccines (for new variants). Viruses will do strange things, I mean, this is just the beginning. It’s possible they will combine and form super mutant variants,” he explained. .

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