Exclusive: New Mutant Introduces Previous Woman Magic

The CBR-only glance of New Mutants # 26 by Vita Ayala and Rod Reis offers an older edition of Magik.

Marvel Comics has presented CBR with the distinctive seem of The New Mutants # 26 by author Beata Ayala, artists Rod Wraith and Jandu Sema, and letterer VC Travis Lanham. The preview displays an older variation of Illyana Rasputin / Magik and a very distinctive new sword.

New mutant # 26 is the next in the “The Labors of Magick” storyline. In the 1st chapter, Magik gave control of Limbo to Madelyne Pryor / Goblin Queen. Nevertheless, the Limbo demons quickly rebelled towards the Pryor and the New Mutants. In the battle, the satan S’ym destroyed Magik’s Soulsword. Magik tried out to get them to the portal, but the group remained trapped in Limbo.

Related: Artist Jen Bartel Releases She-Hulk’s “Shipping Template” for Thirsty Admirer ArtUnique preview of CBR New mutant # 26, Magik can’t summon her Soulsword. She mentioned that S’ym’s destruction of the weapon was the reason her teleport failed to get the job done, and what’s taking place so that new mutants can return to Cracoa and rally the mutant country’s army versus Limbo. I think we have to have to understand. But shortly, Rahne Sinclair / Wolfsbane hears a struggle about a nearby hill. The New Mutants climb the hill and see a lot of demons attacking the compound. They argue a little about irrespective of whether they must enable who the satan is chasing. Even so, they had been interrupted by Aconitum, who discovered what she identified as an more mature model of Ilyana. This model has some noteworthy differences from the unique, this kind of as an arm that appears to be like like it was produced of Warlock, or at least another technician.

You can read through the exclusive preview of CBR’s new mutant # 26 beneath, along with the solicitation facts for the book.

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New mutant # 26

  • Vita Ayala (W) • Rod Wraith (A)
  • Protect by Reinil Francis YU
  • Carmen Carnero variant go over
  • Variation deal with by Maria Wolf
  • The devil plays even though the queen is away!
  • The new Queen has taken the throne of Limbo — Madelyne Pryor, also known as the Goblin Queen! Meanwhile, absent from Limbo, Magic faces her enemies that she assumed she experienced banished long ago.
  • 32PGS./Rated T +… $ 3.99

Linked: Marvel Announces J. Scott Campbell’s Remarkable Fantasy # 1000 Spider-Male VariantIlyana, developed by Ren Wayne and Dave Cockram, initial appeared in the 1975s. Huge dimension X-Adult men # 1.She later took on the magic cloak in the 1983s magic # 1. As a youngster, the satan Velasco kidnapped Ilyana and took her to Limbo. Ilyana is a proficient wizard and she has the ability to mutate to create stepping discs that can carry her and her companions. These discs are carefully tied to Limbo and use dimensions as part of the teleportation approach.

Introduced June 22nd from Marvel Comics, New mutant # 26 characteristics a go over by Leinil Francis Yu.


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