Exciting club championships 2020 at the Würzburg Golf Club


Winning photo (from left): Emma Stock (girls club master), Joachim Ruppert (3rd place senior), Karoline Pitz (3rd place women), Jürgen Wörz (senior club master), Claudia Viola (vice-club master senior), Sabrina Schloo ( Club master women), Anders Nordlund (vice club master seniors), Luis Frischmuth (club master men), Raphael Hackober (vice club master men), Sven Günter (3rd place men), James Pearman (club master boys), Anne Schusser (club master senior women ) and Sylvia Stolzer (3rd place senior women) Photo: Bianca May, Würzburg Golf Club

This year’s club championships at the Würzburg Golf Club were exciting: Seniors and young people played 36 holes over two days as did women and men, with a CUT after 36 and the best twelve men and the best nine women another 18 holes in stroke play had to master.

Just as the cup has its own laws in football, so does the club championship in golf. Since it is a stroke game for all participants, the results are sometimes extraordinary, according to a press release.

On the first day of the competition, 16-year-old Emma Stock surpassed herself and played a round of 72, the golf club continues to say: “With a 76 on the second day, she won the title of ‘Club Champion Girls 2020’ for The son of golf pro Trevor Pearman, James Pearman also showed a very consistent performance over 36 holes of 80 strokes each and thus became “Club Master Boys” for the first time.

A total of 30 senior citizens and 14 senior women fought for the title

In the senior category, Jürgen Wörz scored a start-to-finish victory with a 75 and a 76, a total of 151 strokes and thus became the? Clubmaster Seniors 2020 ?. Anders Nordlund secured the runner-up title with 81 and 79 strokes, a total of 160. The designated Vice-President Sport Joachim Ruppert took third place with 83 and 80 strokes, a total of 163 on 36 holes.

The senior women were close: Sylvia Stolzer secured 3rd place with an 86 and a 91, a total of 177 strokes. Claudia Viola became vice club champion with 171 strokes (87 and 84). Anne Schusser needed one stroke less with a constant performance of twice 85 strokes and thus a total of 170, making her the? Clubmaster Senior Women 2020 ?? crowned.

Sabrina Schloo is Club Champion Women 2020

After the first day, Emma Stock and Karoline Pitz led the women with 72 strokes each, Sabrina Schloo succeeded? Only ?? a 77. The next day, Schloo returned to its ?? old form ?? found back and took the lead with a terrific 66. Since she was then able to earn a 73 in the third round, she won the title? Club Champion Women 2020? With a total of 216 strokes on 54 holes.

Emma Stock was runner-up with 220 strokes (72, 76, 72) and third place went to Karoline Pitz with 227 strokes, she achieved a 72, 80 and 75.

Luis Frischmuth didn’t miss the top position

It was very exciting for the men: Luis Frischmuth insisted on the top position and until the end, after playing 54 holes, defended a gap of one stroke. He played his way into the lead with a 70 on Saturday. With a 74 and a 76 and a total of 220 strokes, he became the? Clubmaster Men 2020? crowned. Raphael Hackober only needed one more stroke (a total of 221 strokes) and achieved 2nd place with a 75, 71 and 75. Sven Günter secured the 3rd place of the men with 228 strokes (77, 75, 76).

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