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Former US President Donald Trump has insulted Nancy Pelosi again. The Speaker of Parliament previously spoke for the first time about the attack on her husband.

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11/08/2022 – 08:12 am

Donald Trump continues to abuse Nancy Pelosi. The former US President continues to incite supporters against the House Speaker ahead of the midterm elections, even after her husband was injured in an attack at the couple’s home. During an appearance on Tuesday night, Trump described the 82-year-old as an “animal”. As justification, he referred to the two impeachment proceedings against him that were initiated by the Democrats in the House of Representatives during his presidency. They failed because of the Republicans in the Senate.

Immediately before Trump’s appearance, Pelosi spoke emotionally in her first interview since the attack on her husband a good ten days ago. While Pelosi was in Washington, a man broke into her home in San Francisco during the night. According to police, he woke her husband, Paul, also 82, and demanded to see the Speaker of Parliament. When the police, alerted by Paul Pelosi, arrived, the man hit him with a hammer. As a result, Paul Pelosi had to undergo surgery for a fractured skull. The attacker later testified that he wanted to question Pelosi and smash her knees.

Pelosi sees connection to Trump

She was particularly concerned that her husband was not the actual target of the attack, “but he was the one who paid the price,” Pelosi told CNN. She linked the attack to Trump’s lie about his alleged stolen victory in the 2020 presidential election and other misinformation spread by his Republican Party supporters. The attack by Trump’s supporters on the Capitol in Washington in January 2021 was driven by it. Trump called Pelosi “Crazy Nancy” for years.

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Pelosi called on Republicans to detach from Trump’s rhetoric. “We need a strong Republican Party in our country,” said the Democrat. The Republicans have achieved great things for America – “and they should be proud of it instead of surrendering to the cult of a villain.”

Democrats under pressure

According to polls, the Democrats are at risk of losing their majority in the House of Representatives in the mid-term elections this Tuesday. Pelosi didn’t say in the interview if she would retire if she did, but she did acknowledge that the attack on her husband would influence that decision. Pelosi is number three in the US political hierarchy after President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

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