Everything you need to know about gun mods and tuning in Modern Warfare II

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If you want to destroy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II happily offers a near-endless supply of guns that can be customized to a ridiculously fun degree.

But that’s not to make all other soldier dudes, gals, and non-binary bros envy of your brutal style. There are a lot of stats I want to wrap my head around. Every attachment that hits a gun has distinct strengths and weaknesses. And when you reach max level with a particular firearm, you’ll unlock weapon tweaks to further fine-tune the feel and performance of your gun.

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Modern Warfare II It gives you a lot of room for freedom, style, and min/max, so time will tell what the god-level meta ends up with, but jumping into a setup that will help you climb the scoreboards Don’t be afraid to experiment with what’s cool and fits your playstyle.

This guide focuses solely on the firearms you aim and shoot: your primary and secondary weapons.

A screenshot from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II shows the M4 weapon platform.

screenshot: Activision/Kotaku

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Guns 101

As soon as you load into the game, you’ll see a series of tabs across the top: Play, Weapons, Operators, Battle Pass, and Store.

Choosing a weapon takes you to where you can sort loadouts, killstreaks, and vehicle customizations. A loadout can have up to 10 custom configurations, so you don’t have to worry about having to commit to a narrow selection. His loadout consists of 6 items. Choose between primary and secondary weapons, as well as tactical and lethal gear, perks, and field upgrades.

Loadouts are arranged in a horizontal bar on the Edit Loadout screen. Each of the six types can be configured by choosing a specific loadout. Some of the weapons available are determined by the Perks you have active in that loadout. The main types of weapons are:

Main weapon type

  • Assault rifle
  • battle rifle
  • SMGs
  • shotgun
  • LMGs
  • marksman rifle
  • sniper rifle
  • brawl

There are only 3 types of secondary weapons.

Sub-weapon type

Weapons are further classified into platforms. Platforms are laid out like skill trees in RPGs, showing attachments that can unlock specific weapons. You can view platform progress by pressing his V on the keyboard (touchpad on PlayStation, view button on Xbox) while looking at a weapon in the loadout or weapon menu screen.

For example, the M4 platform is a family of weapons consisting of the M4 Assault Rifle, 556 Icarus LMG, FTAC Reconnaissance Battle Rifle, M16 Assault Rifle, and FSS Hurricane SMG.

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Level up each gun by getting out there and getting kills. Some guns on certain platforms are locked behind weapon levels. For example, to get the Bryson 890 shotgun, you need to build the Bryson 800 to level 16. You can also level up individual weapons to further customize your attachments.

The Gunsmith menu presents modding options for various weapons.

screenshot: Activision/Kotaku

Customize Weapons and Attachments with Gunsmith

Some guns will have a “Gunsmith” option when viewing a specific loadout in the menu. Here you can change how the gun is assembled.

Gunsmith’s “Build Weapon” tab allows you to install a number of different “Modifications” for your weapon’s optics, muzzle, magazine, stock, and ammo type. You can choose up to five modifications at any time, and even swap out the gun’s receiver (basically the core to which everything else is attached) for others in the weapon’s platform family. (Note that not all weapon modifications within the same platform are cross-compatible.)

After making changes to your Gunsmith, you can jump straight into the shooting range to test the look and feel of your new changes. It loads pretty quickly too, so you can’t directly A/B compare specific mods, but you can get a good feel for each choice without being forever stuck behind a loading screen.

Each change affects stats in a unique way and each has specific strengths and weaknesses. and hip recoil control (a disadvantage).

The second tab in the Gunsmith interface is Customization. Here you can apply various weapon charms, skins, stickers, etc. Different camo skins have different requirements, but they are very similar to unlocking attachments. Simply earn Weapon XP by scoring kills and completing specific challenges listed under each camo skin. Once you’ve unlocked the Gold, Platinum, Polyatomic, and Orion Skins, you’ll also need to complete the Weapon Mastery Challenge.

The higher the level of a particular weapon, the more attachments you will have access to. Once you’ve reached max level with a particular weapon, you can start adjusting those attachments to give you even more control over its performance.

The Weapon Modification menu presents a number of options for changing weapon stats.

screenshot: Activision/Kotaku

Weapon Tuning Modern Warfare II

Weapon adjustments let you further fine-tune the strengths and weaknesses of each attachment. Remember, you need to reach level 20 with the specific weapon to adjust the changes.

Not all attachments can be adjusted, but there are some that offer two sets of sliders that allow you to maximize your weapon’s strengths and back off your weaknesses a bit. Please be careful. For example, if you want to maximize Aim Down Sights Speed, you’d be better off with a fix that favors that instead of trying to compensate for his reduced ADS speed with weapon adjustments.However, the high TTK rate is Modern Warfare II Means even subtle adjustments can make a difference in the heat of the moment.

The image on the right uses weapon tuning to compensate for the slow aiming speed.
GIFs: Activision/Kotaku

Weapon tweaking is best done with a thorough understanding of your preferred gun and mods. This stage of weapon customization is more art than science.

Weapon leveling Modern Warfare II

Getting the most out of your arsenal is one of the primary goals of the game, and you progress most with guns that you actively use. Holstering the gun or slinging it over your shoulder doesn’t work either. To level up your gun, you have to use it to put lead on your enemies.

With so many weapon options to choose from, it’s not a bad idea to stick with a few guns to start with, but no more than two or three. Play with the Overkill Perk (available in the Assault Preset Package) equipped to learn what it feels like to have two main guns at once.

Weapon progression trees show different attachments to unlock.

screenshot: Activision/Kotaku

Don’t forget to take advantage of weapon XP boosts too. These can be selected on the multiplayer matchmaking screen. However, keep in mind that XP boosts count down in real time outside of matches. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to save XP boosts for use on playlists where latency isn’t too high.

Quick play and ground war queues are generally faster. However, be aware that in 32v32 modes such as Ground War, shootouts may be less frequent as you spend more time moving between objectives. On the other hand, it increases the working distance, so it can be a good opportunity to level up a Sniper Rifle or Marksman Rifle. A 6v6 game might be your best bet, but your mileage may vary.

One thing I would like to do is Have a dedicated loadout for weapon levelingLabel it “Leveling” and use it to swap guns you want to progress on. You can leave your main loadout as is and freely choose when you want to change your playstyle in a match.

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Swapping guns in a loadout that you plan to use regularly will reset all changes, which isn’t ideal. A dedicated “leveling” loadout allows you to prioritize your selection of the remaining nine loadouts for your preferred guns, mods, and tweaks. You can also prioritize specific perks that make leveling a little easier. For example, Overkill allows you to place his two primary weapons on the field, so he can progress with two weapons at once (however, to gain Weapon XP, actively using certain guns is needed). Equipping Fast Hands for your leveling loadout allows you to quickly switch guns, which is useful if you’re training for both. Scavenger is another good perk of his that helps with leveling guns as he can source more ammo during the game.

Modern Warfare II It did not disappoint when it came to offering a ton of fun weapons to shoot and blow up. Spending some time equipping your gun will help you play better and look cooler while out on the field. Experiment with weapon tuning to further tweak the feel of the game.

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