Everything Announced in the Latest Splatoon 3 Trailer – New Weapons, Photo Modes and 3-Player Tug-of-War

Nintendo’s August Splatoon 3 Direct was jam-packed with new stuff, announcements, sneak peeks, and more for the upcoming splat-shooter (or should it be full of ink?). was announced—then we got you covered, li’l squid!

Here’s the stream VOD in case you missed it:

So let’s get addicted to delicious new content!

Everything announced at the Splatoon 3 August Direct

photo mode

Players can now enter photo mode and take snaps of their character and their surroundings. These photos can be shared on social media, sent to friends, or used as customizable locker decorations. You can

new technology

squid surge

Players can use Squid Surge to quickly wall-swim in a single burst.

Squid roll

A technique designed for fast 180 rotations, Squid Roll also includes a simple i-frame that repels ink when the character flashes.

new battle stage

screenshot 2022 08 10 09.05.02

New stages include Eeltail Alley, Scorch Gorge, Mincemeat Metalworks, and Undertow Spillway. At launch, there will be 12 stages available, including some respawn stages, with more to be added in post-launch updates.

new weapon

normal weapon

screenshot 2022 08 10 09.05.44

tri stringer

A bow-like weapon that fires in three directions simultaneously, firing a charged shot that freezes before detonating.

splatana wiper

Part sword, part windshield wiper, the Splatana Wiper is a long-range weapon that can use centrifugal force to shoot ink in a wide arc. Charging and releasing a vertical slice will help the squid kid swim through walls with ease.

special weapons

screenshot 2022 08 10 09.06.34

tactical cooler

A vending machine that provides up to 4 players with in-game drinks to enhance their stats and abilities. Defeat it at the start of the match for tactical advantage!

leaf slider

A shark pool float that zooms around the arena and explodes enemies with ink.

The Wave Breaker

A tactical post that shoots waves of energy to locate and damage enemies. You can dodge by jumping over waves!

return content


  • Alfonsino Museum
  • hammerhead bridge
  • Mahimahi Resort


  • test the missile
  • inkjet
  • ink storm
  • ultra stamp
  • booya bomb

New & reappearing amiibo

screenshot 2022 08 10 09.24.03

Three new amiibo will be released this winter.

  • Ink Ring (Yellow) – $15.99
  • Octoling (Blue) – $15.99
  • Small Fly – $15.99

Scan your amiibo to access exclusive gear, take a photo with them, and save your character’s gear combination as a fresh fit.

Some Splatoon 2 amiibo will be restocked with new ones.

  • Callie & Marie 2 Pack – $24.99
  • Pearl & Marina 2 Pack – $24.99

deep cut

A new trio, replacing Splatsville hosts Marina and Pearl in Splatoon 2 (yes, trio) Deep Cuts: Fly, Shiver and Stingray Big Man. They’re still musicians, so expect them to show off new music for Splatoon 3, such as Anarchy Rainbow. Their music seems decidedly more festival-themed than the pop and hip-hop stuff of previous games.


Splatfest returns on August 27th, two weeks before Splatoon 3 launches on September 9th. This time it’s 3 instead of 2…

Turf Wars for 3

screenshot 2022 08 10 09.30.32

New Turf Wars gimmick for Splatoon 3 Three faces Fight. Turf Wars is split into two parts: the first is his regular 4v4 battle between the three teams, the second half decides who starts in the middle of the map, and all three teams are tricolor Compete on the turf. 4v2v2 head-to-head war battles.

In the first Turf War, part of Splatfest on August 27th, players can choose between Rock (Shiver’s team), Paper (Frye’s team), and Scissors (Big Man’s team).

Customizable splashtags and lockers

screenshot 2022 08 10 09.15.42

Many online multiplayer games have customizable badge systems to display colors, and Splatoon 3 uses Splashtags to get into it. Mori: New Horizons title), backgrounds, and badges. You can also change the emotes your character does when you win a match.

You can even customize the lockers that appear in the lobbies of players you’ve recently played with to show weapons, objects, photos, and more. You can also change the color of the locker.

Customization options are displayed in the Hotlantis Catalog. Hotlantis will offer new seasonal items regularly every three months for the next two years.

geso 3 app

Screenshot 2022 08 10 09.22.39

Splatoon 3 is getting a companion app called SplatNet 3. Accessible via the Nintendo Switch Online app on your smartphone. A membership is required for this.

SplatNet 3 gives you access to battle records, unique app-exclusive gear, and what’s called Krusty Sean’s Wondercrust. This appears to be a feature that uses ink points earned from winning territories in battle to fund Krusty Sean’s backpacking trips.

New Mini-Game: Table Turf Battle

Screenshot 2022 08 10 09.16.55

A new mode in Splatoon 3 that allows players to discard ink from cards. Tableturf Battle is a one-on-one competitive game where you collect over 150 cards and play them to “ink” a grid-based battlefield.

anarchy battle

screenshot 2022 08 10 09.11.42

Anarchy Battle is the new name for Ranked Battle mode in Splatoon 2. All four of his rotation ‘rules’ of Splat Zones, Tower Control, Rainmaker and Clam Blitz are back, allowing players to compete for the best ranking in these objective-based blasts.

If you want to play with your friends, you can join Anarchy Battles (Open). But if you do it alone, there is also an anarchy battle (series).

Lobby Ghost and Training Dummies

screenshot 2022 08 10 09.13.01

You can now see your friends as ghosts in the lobby. This allows you to join the match, see what they are doing, play around with them before the match starts, etc. There is also a training he area in the lobby where you can join your ghost buddies in weapons and You can test your tactics beforehand.

In the lobby, you can also replay recent battles with the memory player. You can fast-forward, switch character views, and send clips to your friends.

Post-launch updates

A catalog of Locker and Splashtag customization options will be released every three months for two years after launch and will be available for free to all players. New weapons will be added at the same time.

A new stage has been added to the 12 stages that have appeared since launch.

In addition, updates such as X battles and league battles are planned, and top players can play against each other according to their abilities.

Download contents

I don’t know the specifics, but Nintendo is planning “massive paid DLC” in the future.

Miiverse Return (Type)

screenshot 2022 08 10 09.21.42

In Splatoon 3, players can draw little cartoons (or write words or post memes) and make them visible to other players in Splatsville. Just like Miiverse. And this time you can do vertical art too!

salmon run

screenshot 2022 08 10 09.19.30

Up to 4 players can now battle the Salmonids in the returned Salmon Run mode, ready to play at any time.

Added Boss Salmonids such as Slammin’ Lid and Big Shot, and added a giant King Salmonid called Cohozuna that can spawn at the end of a match. Players can take down this big youngster by using the new Egg Cannon, which shoots golden eggs and deals great damage.

Splatoon 3 Direct promised a new mode in the future called Big Run. This is what we see Salmonids invade Splatsville itself…

Story Mode: Return of the Mammals

screenshot 2022 08 10 09.20.50

The single-player story mode is great for new players learning the inky ropes and is about the Octarian Army, a group of strange, hairy fish. You play as the new Squidbeak Splatoon, Agent 3’s recruit. Agent 3 is tasked with finding the secret behind Alterna, the Fuzzy Ooze.

That’s it for now, but please check back once we have all the information for Splatoon 3. If you’ve already purchased Splatoon 3 or an amiibo, please read our pre-order guide carefully.

If you miss the stream, you can read the live blog while watching the video.

What’s your favorite announcement from today’s Splatoon 3 Direct? Let us know in the comments!

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