Every family returns to their hometown during the Chinese New Year to sing and recommend fans to hide their pockets | Brother duty | Taitung Tiehua Village

[Epoch Times, January 14, 2022](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen) After singing in his hometown of Taitung last year, Jiajia, a native singer, will return to the stage of Taitung Tiehua Village this year. On the night of the fifth day of the new year, she will bring a special performance after a year. In this performance, she will work hand in hand with the band “Brother Duty” formed by her cousins.

Jiajia (middle) cooperates with the orchestra “Brother Duty” of the cousin group in 2021, and the performance file photo in Tiehua Village, Taitung. (believe music provided)

In addition to bringing new songs, the best-selling songs “Family Wine” and “Destiny”, which have exceeded 10 million hits on YouTube, are also in the playlist. Jiajia Xianguanzi revealed that the performance will also bring classic songs cover. She hopes to invite music fans to watch the performance, and also show her pocket list, recommending everyone to visit the scenic spots and famous restaurants that are full of memories.

Jiajia shared: “When I was young, my parents would take us to Taitung City to go shopping at night markets, such as the Siwei Night Market, so we could go and have a look. Besides, if you want to experience arts and humanities, you can Visiting the creative market in Tiehua Village, handicrafts will be exhibited from time to time, and everyone can take a walk in Taitung for spring outside of the New Year concert!”

Every time she returns home, there is one special dish that she misses the most, “There is one dish in Taitung that I like the most and miss the most, which is the combination of mountain green onion and coriander. We will dip it in salt or soy sauce and eat it directly with rice. Because I can’t buy such green onions in Taipei, I miss them every time I go back.”

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Every family also counts down popular local restaurants such as eel noodles, three sisters mitame, blue dragonfly fast food, and yellow scallion pancakes.

The pre-sale tickets of “Jiajia “Come to My Home on the Fifth Day of 2022″ Tiehua Village Mini Live” will go on sale today (14th). Faced with the recent increase in the epidemic situation, Jiajia also appealed: “Remind everyone to wear a mask when going out and keep it safe when gathering. Keep a safe distance and remember to disinfect with alcohol! I look forward to meeting you all as scheduled to spend the festive season together.”

After the fifth performance, Jiajia revealed that he would stay in Taitung to concentrate on his creation, hoping to bring more exciting works.

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