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Six music teachers conclude the streaming concerts from the Lörrach music school with a classical program.

. “Attention, it’ll start in a minute,” announced Lina Müller behind the camera. “Okay”, replies music school director Christoph August and takes a position to greet the audience on the home screens for the fourth and, for the time being, last live streaming from the hall of the music school in Lörrach. At this classical concert, which was staged live on Friday evening and could be followed online, six teachers offered a multifaceted program from baroque to tango.

The concert hall was converted into a recording studio. The staff at the music school are now really professional when it comes to filming and recording. As long as no appearances in front of an audience are allowed, the music school creates a suitable platform for teachers to present themselves to the outside world through live stream in Corona times. Its director Christoph August pointed out that this online concert is intended for the benefit of the friends’ association and the music sponsorship project. Between the performances, previously produced short interviews with the musicians were faded in, in which they talked about the pieces.

Predrag Tomic kidnaps you into magical fairy garden

Dora Szilágyi started on the baroque violin with a Fantasia in D major by Telemann, which she interpreted expressively in the Largo and dynamically full of verve in the Presto and Allegro: a violin playing with very stylish baroque gestures. In fairy tale scenes and a magical fairy garden, Predrag kidnapped Tomic on the accordion and Susanne Hagen on the piano in the suite “Ma mère l`Oye” by Ravel. Wonderfully nuanced in the colors and moods, differentiated and tonally, they designed these atmospheric pieces. The brilliant pianist and accordion virtuoso played the delicate pavans of Sleeping Beauty, the Chinese pentatonic marching music and the dramatic transformation of the monster into a prince with sensitivity and a fine sense of sound. These vividly and colorfully played pieces on fairy tale motifs were a lot of fun to listen to.

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Bassoonist Eckhard Lenzing also performed a movement from his Sonata for Bassoon and Piano, Op. 14, with Susanne Hagen as his sensitive piano partner. Lenzing has composed a number of sonatas inspired by Eichendorff poems. As the title suggests, the phrase “Misterioso” sounded mysterious, mysterious and fantastic. Lenzing made effective use of these spheres of sound in his lyrical playing.

The saxophonist Simone Losch performed two “Etudes” on tango by the contemporary Argentine composer Gustavo Beytelmann. Her playing on the alto saxophone in these tango studies sounded sensual, warm and seductive, but also finely tuned and rhythmically full of refinement.

The pianist Alessandro Limentani developed pure sound poetry and romantic depth in Schubert’s Impromptu No. 3 op. 90, which he laid lyrically and sensitively in soft melodies on the keys. In Chopin’s ballad in F major, he impressed in virtuoso manner and mastered the stormy, stirring passages with technical bravura and pianistic brilliance. Limentani and the masterful accordionist Predrag Tomic set the effective final accent with a tango by Stravinsky, rhythmically concise and full of passion.

Instead of audible applause, there was an enthusiastic “thumbs up” from the colleagues in the hall after the gorgeous performances. Music school director August said goodbye to the audience with the hope “that we will soon be able to see you live here again.”

The online teachers’ concert remains available on the music school’s YouTube channel. As an Easter surprise, on Maundy Thursday, the music school is putting a rabbit story by Rolf Zuckowski with Lina Müller as the narrator and songs that were recorded by a teachers’ band on its website

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