eventually falls to the ground

The Oakley dog ​​in the video on the net really shows all his sympathy but above all his anger towards the tail

Dogs often have a special relationship with theirs coda. There is always a part of their body that is sensitive to many. Surely, in fact, someone will have happened to touch the tail of their four-legged. Most, he will have reacted fairly strongly. For many others, however, at times it becomes a kind of rope. In fact, how many times have you seen your puppy chasing its own tail? This is exactly what a little dog like Oakley does in a video that has been very successful on the net.

Screenshot: YouTube/ Caters Clips

Oakley is a beautiful one Husky who lives with his family a Tilley, in Alberta. The video, present on the Youtube channel of Caters Clipsof which he is the protagonist, shows it in a very normal family moment in the garden of their house.

The video is not very long but it is really a lot of fun. It all starts when Oakley begins mordersi tail. He looks really very angry with her, as if he doesn’t understand what that strange appendage of her body is for her. All of a sudden, not happy, he too begins to follow her.

Right now, things are getting really fun. In fact, Oakley, with his tail in his mouth, begins to spin quickly. He gains more and more speed until … cade! Her fall, of course, triggers the laughter of her mistress, Annie Simpson, who in the meantime is also filming the beautiful Husky.

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Dog falls by the tail it bites
Screenshot: YouTube/ Caters Clips

What’s even more fun? Oakley, after his fall, sits back upright, as if he wanted to pretend he never fell. He also hires a ‘expression strange and looks at her mistress as if she were mad laughing at something non-existent! Oakley is a really great actor!

Following a busy day, Oakley’s video is really fun. We really recommend you to see it. Then, let us know in the comments if he enjoyed it too!

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