Evelyn Alonso is committed to promoting the reactivation and forgetting the tension | Radio Club Tenerife


The speech that Evelyn Alonso has not been able to deliver in the plenary session of the motion of censure to the mayor of Santa Cruz, the socialist Patricia Hernández, explained the reasons why she has supported this initiative together with CC and PP. The intervention that her condition of not attached (established in an emergency plenary session held on July 8) has prevented her from carrying out a harsh charge against the lack of a spirit of consensus that, in her opinion, Hernández has shown in this year of. government.

But also, and in a special way, against his party partner Matilde Zambudio until two weeks ago, whom he accuses of being the culprit of the government’s instability due to her determination to prioritize private interests over municipal management. She also emphasizes how these forms were decisive in the resignation of Juan Ramón Lazcano, whose departure was the trigger that led to the change of the majority of the government in the capital of Tenerife.

Likewise, Alonso highlights in his unspoken speech that with today’s motion the popular will expressed at the polls in the last elections is restored; “an election that the left lost in the capital,” he added. The mayor is committed in any case, to work from now on for everyone, with proposals capable of reviving the city.

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