Eva Mendes and her recipe for healthy chocolate cookies that go well for everyone

If you are crazy the chocolate but you try to avoid it so not get fat you’re lucky. A couple of months ago Ariadna Artiles explained her grandmother’s sugar-free carrot cake recipe, now it’s Eva Mendes who has just uploaded the recipe for her healthy chocolate cookies to the networks and also with anti-aging effect.

Last March Mendes spoke in his networks about how the diet paste He had gotten him interested in nutrition and much more, encouraged to cook and make recipes like these healthy cookies for which you don’t have to be a big cook.

And he thanked Vani Hari, author of the cookbook from which the cookies came out: “If you cooked your own bread during quarantine, I hate you. And I say it with love. What has saved me and continues to save me is @thefoodbae’s cookbook. Thanks Vani! For providing me with easy and healthy recipes that even I can make.

Before sharing the recipe, the actress explained, “once it made me aware of all the crap they put in our food, I had to take matters into their own hands.” And this “taking action” has led him to make these delicious cookies.

Eva Mendes Chocolate Cookies Recipe

You need 550 grams of organic pure chocolate chips, 170 grams of Goji berries, 220 grams of almonds cut in half, a quarter of a tablespoon of salt and a little more to sprinkle at the end.

To make the cookies:

  1. First melt the chocolate chips in a water bath and when they have melted add the rest of the ingredients (salt, Goji berries and Almonds).
  2. With an ice cream serving spoon, shape the cookies and place them on greaseproof paper.
  3. Finally sprinkle them with a little more salt and decorate with the Goji berries and any leftover almonds.
  4. Put them in the fridge until they are solid. The result is delicious as well as suitable for beginners.
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Goji berries are a super antioxidant ingredient, they are rich in vitamin C, copper or zinc, they brighten and nourish the skin and delay premature aging of the tissues, that is why they are used in anti-aging treatments.

Pure cocoa provides fiber and flavonoids that are also a powerful antioxidant, also combat emotional hunger and promote concentration.

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