European Night of Museums | Trade Exchange

For its second participation in the European Night of Museums, the Bourse de Commerce — Pinault Collection inaugurated in May 2021, welcomes visitors for an exceptional free night from 7 p.m. to midnight. With family and friends, this Saturday May 13 will be an opportunity to discover the architecture of the monument and the “Before the storm” exhibition.

Free access to the exhibitions and to the building, by reservation.

Come and discover the history and architecture of the Bourse de Commerce: seen from the outside, drawing a perfect circle, unique in the Parisian landscape, the Bourse de Commerce is an “architectural UFO”. Embark on an amazing journey through the building’s five centuries of history and architectural transformations. Discover its great restored decorations, its preserved vestiges, in dialogue with the radical and meditative intervention of the contemporary architect Tadao Ando.

Take a stroll through the “Before the Storm” exhibition: did you think there were only four seasons? Fifteen artists from the Collection reinvent ecosystems and upset the perception of the world around us. In the concrete architecture of the Bourse de Commerce, they reveal new landscapes and bring nature inside the museum. Paintings, videos, installations… before the storm breaks, experience art anew.

The program

Throughout your visit, mediators-speakers answer your questions. They offer you introductory points of view and insights inviting you to take a better look at the works and not to miss any of the beauties and key elements of the building.

  • Family visit: “A journey on the clouds”

Like small and large clouds, set off on a family walk to discover astonishing landscapes: secret waterfall, tangy coral reef, inhabited algae cocoons… Guided by a mediator, discover a world of colors, sounds, sensations where plants and animals try to reinvent new seasons.

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7 p.m. / 7.15 p.m. / 7.30 p.m., for accompanied children from 6 to 12 years old. Departure of visit to the Salon. Free access, without reservation, within the limit of available places.

  • Culture&Diversity Foundation

As part of their educational partnership, the Bourse de Commerce – Pinault Collection and the Culture & Diversity Foundation invite a group of students from the “Equal Opportunities” programs to give shape to their view of exhibitions, they propose interventions in the exhibition halls, facing the works: performance-readings, original visits, discussions. Come meet them. Continuous Free access, without reservation, within the limit of available places.

Accessible via QRcode, the online app, free and without downloading, accompanies you throughout the visit, with varied and complementary content:

Let yourself be guided by the voices of specialists in disciplinary fields, from philosophy to international law, via botany, casting their singular gaze on the works in the “Before the storm” exhibition. Listen to the sound bubbles “Les Gens de la Bourse” for an immersion through five centuries of history of the Bourse de Commerce, in the heart of the Halles district of Paris.

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