Europe must prepare for a “tougher” pandemic in the coming months, says WHO expert


The pandemic will worsen in Europe in the next two months and mortality will increase, a person in charge of the World Health Organization (WHO) warned this Monday, at a time when several countries impose new measures to stop a second wave of infections.

“It will be harder. In October, in November, we will see a higher mortality ” in Europe, declared Belgian physician Hans Kluge, WHO Europe Director.

The number of Covid-19 cases has increased sharply for weeks, especially in Spain and France. But for now, the number of daily deaths from the pandemic remains at the level of early June, between 400 and 500, the agency said.

On Sunday a new daily record of infections, 308,000, according to WHO.

“I hear all the time: ‘the vaccine is going to be the end of the epidemic.’ Of course not!”Kluge said. “We don’t even know if the vaccine is going to be effective for all sectors of the population. We get some signs that it will be effective for some but not for others. “

The WHO official called privilege specific measures instead of generalized confinements to curb infections.

Like in England, where meetings of more than six people are prohibited from Monday. This measure, which does not affect the other regions of the United Kingdom, applies both internally and externally, with the exception of schools, workplaces, weddings and funerals.

And on Tuesday, in Birmingham, the second most populous city in the UK, Meetings between friends or families will not be authorized, according to a decision of the local authorities.

In Austria, the mandatory use of a mask in shops and public buildings before the “beginning of a second wave”, in the words of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

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