Euro-Chinese summit, are economic ties still so strong?


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It was to be a great moment of the German presidency of the European Union with the visit of Xi Jinping and his meeting with the 27 in Leipzig, but ultimately, Covid-19 obliges, it is a simple videoconference. but that doesn’t mean the stakes are lower.

This includes discussing economic and trade relations, and in particular investments in a context that has become tense since the appearance of the coronavirus in Wuhan, the Sino-American trade and diplomatic war, Huawei and 5G and rights. humans in Xinjiang and Hong Kong. Are economic ties still as strong between Europe and China? This is the question of the day.

To discuss it :

– Jean-François Di Meglio, president of Asia Center, professor at Paris Dauphine University and at the Public School of International Affairs in Paris.

– Valérie Niquet, head of the Asia pole at the Foundation for Strategic Research, author of the book ” Chinese power in 100 questions », Ed. Tallandier.

– François Godement, advisor for Asia at the Institut Montaigne.


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