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Croatia – Spain: schedule, TV and where to watch the Eurocopa today live online EURO 2020 live: Eurocopa news, results and last minute for today June 28 Roy Keane is not a fan of Joao Felix. And he was not cut off when it came to confessing it. The former footballer, now a television commentator on ITV during this European Championship, open for England, was very critical of the young Portuguese after the defeat against Belgium: “This boy is an impostor. He is an impostor. How much did it cost … a hundred million? If I were Cristiano Ronaldo, I would go for him in the locker room ”. Instead, Roy Keane praised Cristiano Ronaldo’s role in the national team. Before the game he spoke in these terms about the Portuguese captain: “He is the smartest footballer I have ever seen. Because of how he plays and because he doesn’t get involved in creating, but he has that skill and arrogance that great players need ”. Belgian midfielder Thorgan Hazard, author after 42 minutes of the goal that gave his team the victory in Seville against Portugal in the match of the round of 16 of the Eurocup, was chosen the best match, as that goal was decisive for move on to the rooms. The 28-year-old Borussia Dortmund footballer managed to connect a strong shot from afar that surprised Portuguese goalkeeper Rui Patricio. The Danish coach, Kasper Hjulmand, regretted today that the Czech Republic defeated the Netherlands (2-0) and is their rival in the quarterfinals of the European Championship on Saturday in Baku and assured that he would have liked to face the oranje more. “The Czech Republic is a fantastic team. I would have preferred to play the Netherlands. The Czechs are terrific,” the Danish coach told DR public television. Hjulmand recalled that the Czech Republic recently drew 1-1 against Belgium in a World Cup qualifying game and that they knew how to match and even surpass their rival’s intensity. “We have won by intensity so far and destroyed our rivals. Now we have to face a team that equals it. It should not surprise us that we are going to play against a team with the same work capacity and intensity,” he said. Schick, one goal away from being the Czech Republic’s top scorer in the final stages of the European Championship. In quarters, he will have a historic opportunity. Russian Valeri Karpin, Rostov coach, said on Sunday that he does not intend to replace Stanislav Cherchesov as national coach after the elimination of Russia in the group stage of the European Championship. “And for what? I have a contract with Rostov. That’s it. We are preparing the new season,” Karpin told local press. Karpin, who also coached Spartak and Mallorca, is one of the preferred coaches among the press and fans to take over the reins of the Russian team. The goalkeeper and captain of the French team, Hugo Lloris, spoke to the media just over 24 hours after facing Switzerland in the round of 16 of the European Championship. The goalkeeper assured that tomorrow they will have a difficult match against an opponent who prints a lot of intensity during the 90 minutes. Switzerland: “We will have a great team in front of us tomorrow. The mental aspect will be key to being successful. We will have to make a very efficient game ”. The experience of France: “Experience is not enough. We will have to put all the necessary ingredients to win. It is not necessary to calculate the efforts, if not to be prepared at the mental level all together ”. Deschamps’ work: “The coach is still the one who decides. He works with his staff to try to put the team in the best condition. Sometimes we have to adapt depending on the physique. But we have to give the answer ourselves. It is up to us to make history ”. France’s game system: “The key to the system is what we are capable of contributing based on discipline and effort. Whatever the system, it is our responsibility to make it work, always with the will to win the game ”. Benzema: “He is willing to do everything necessary for the team. He brings his experience and his talent. He is more confident because he has already found the goal. But we didn’t need the two goals against Portugal to see everything he brings to the team in terms of quality and experience ”. Kanté: “It is too early to talk about the Ballon d’Or for Kanté. N’Golo is one of the best in his position. It is an engine, both in life and for the wardrobe ”. Koke: “I like to play against the best and Luka Modric is one of them. Sometimes he and others have won. I hope it will be my turn tomorrow and Spain will win.” Koke: “In Seville we have felt the warmth of the fans. It’s a shame not to play in Spain, at home, but we have to adapt wherever we are.” Koke: “We are rehearsing the penalties every day. We have not been fortunate these last two and hopefully we will have one tomorrow and that the coach decides. We have a list, good shooters and surely the next ones will go inside.” Koke: “We all know Modric. Madrid player, winner of the Ballon d’Or, of his national team. For me, he is the best in Croatia. But all the opponents are going to play and we will have to be careful. He has a huge blow outside. We will have to touch the ball, tire them and hurt them “. Koke: “Whenever you go with the National Team you want to reach the maximum. I want to be among the best and I hope we have fortune this tournament. I did not have it in the past. I have that thorn of not having passed the qualifiers and hopefully we can do it. The experience is It is important in the end for me. You have to take care of all kinds of details, be focused and attentive to what the coach says to get the game forward “. Koke: “It was difficult not to be in the National Team. I have been with the best in a spectacular stage and you always want to be here, play every game. Then came a difficult time and fortunately I was able to return. It is my National Team, I am proud to be here. Spectacular to be able to fight for your country. ” Koke: “Perisic is a very important casualty. But any Croatian player will be able to supply him well. In the end there are eleven players, Perisic was not going to play alone. We have to defend well, make good pressure after loss. It is an important loss but not final “. Koke: “I can help Morata by being as normal as possible. When you pass a game and threats come to you it is not easy. When it happened I gave him a hug. I have lived many things with him. More than a teammate he is a friend. easy to be in their shoes. What he would most like to receive a hug from his wife or children. You have to try to divert the subject a bit and be focused on what is really worthwhile. ” Koke: “Every team and team is different. It is not easy to win matches. There is hardly any team that wins matches easily. The important thing is to correct the mistakes we make and enhance the successes. We study the rivals but in the end it is useless you’re welcome. We have to be the ones to give the level. ” Koke: “We all know Busquets. Because of how he positions himself and how good he does to his teammates. Since he arrived at Barça and the National Team he has always performed at a very high level. It is clear that the coach has waited for him. The presence of Sergio is fundamental for us many times “. Koke: “The coach tells us what to do on the pitch. We have very organized movements. It’s easy for me to adapt. I do it at my club and here. It’s easy for me to do it: you have to listen to the coach and then put him on practice”. Koke: “At 18 years old (for Pedri), being a starter with Barça and Spain surprises me. Because of that maturity. It is the present and future of Spain.” Koke: “We are exposed to all kinds of criticism and we accept it. But we do not accept it when they threaten us or the family. We are responsible for what we say and what we do. It does not enter my head that people can do these things in social networks. To family and friends it is already overdoing it and it is reportable. ” Koke: “We would have liked to go first but we are very excited and highly motivated for tomorrow’s game.” Luis Enrique: “The notes at the end of the tournament. I want to win all the games, also the staff and the players. We are going for the next game.”

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