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The Korean group Super Junior just announced a few days ago that the “Super Show 9” concert will be held in Taiwan, Manila, Hong Kong and other places. Today (6), the father of member Yin Hyuk (36 years old) died, and it was officially announced that Eun Hyuk would not participate. Today’s concert in Manila, but it was officially announced earlier that this concert has been cancelled.

Eunhyuk’s father used to show up at SJ’s activities, cheering for his son cheerfully in the audience, and he appeared on a TV show in April this year. Now that he has passed away suddenly, fans are also quite shocked. Eunhyuk is currently handling his father’s funeral in Han. SJ’s label SJ announced on the official community that Eunhyuk was unable to participate in the Manila concert on the 6th due to the sudden bad news. The funeral will be held in private and only invited Relatives and friends attended and apologized to fans. In addition to declining the condolence wreath, I also ask everyone to understand Eunhyuk’s mood.

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A few hours later, Label SJ issued an announcement again, saying that after discussing with SJ members, they thought that the concert on the 6th would be difficult to carry out normally, so they decided to cancel it, but the members would still attend, greet the fans in Manila, and the audience with tickets You can enter at the specified time.

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