EU invests 13 million euros


The EU is providing a total of around 13 million euros for the new warning platform, confirms a spokesman for the EU Commission according to information from WirtschaftsWoche. The money comes from the ESI emergency fund. Seven million of this will go to German corporations for the development and installation of the platform at the beginning of 2021, and around three million more are planned for maintenance by the end of 2021. Three additional million are also in the pot as development grants for EU countries that want to connect their apps to the warning platform.

Whether on vacation or on business trips, anyone who previously sat or stood as a German next to the user of a warning app from another EU country received no message if the neighbor subsequently turned out to be infected. Conversely, Germans have not yet been able to warn other EU citizens via app after a positive corona test because a crucial link in the communication chain was missing.

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