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A current press release from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Enhancement has elevated the alarm with regards to foods safety in Cameroon. If you have hardly ever read of Ethephon, now is the time to pay out awareness to what’s on your plate. A total examination is available at

The Ethephon: What, why and where by?

Ethephon, a phytosanitary products generally utilised in agriculture, has observed its restrictions revised in Cameroon. In accordance to the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Enhancement, the use of this chemical material will now be restricted to sure certain crops. The new routine of use of Ethephon in Cameroon is limited to pineapple and rubber tree.

The hazards of fraudulent use

The Ministry also highlights the hazards of inappropriate use of phytosanitary solutions. For instance, Ethephon presents plantain a yellow tint, earning it look ripe when it genuinely is not. This form of deception, while visually beautiful, can direct to the intake of merchandise that are not at their exceptional phase of maturity, with all the wellbeing dangers that this entails. Even a lot more stressing, the inappropriate use of pesticides exposes the populace to to a range of chemical hazards. We are chatting in this article about pesticide residues, antibiotics, veterinary medications, significant metals, mycotoxins, food stuff additives, between some others.

Get in touch with for vigilance

The great importance of respecting the regulations recognized by the authorities is not only a issue of legality but also of public wellbeing. Violating article 23 of law 2003/003 of April 21, 2003, any use of unapproved phytosanitary products and solutions is punishable by lawful proceedings. The Ministry thus encourages the community and, in particular, traders, to get hold of the Decentralized Territorial Communities to reward from schooling on organic ripening strategies for goods.

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And bref, for food items lovers, farmers and traders, remaining knowledgeable and adhering to the Ministry’s suggestions is not only about compliance, but also ensuring that what we take in is safe and healthful. For far more in-depth and up-to-date information and facts on this and other concerns, visit 237on the

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