Ethel Pozo ‘puts the patch’ on Janet Barboza: “because of my eyebrows the lady wants to put me in the same sack”

Did you expose it? During the broadcast of the last program that they host together, Ethel Pozo y Janet Barboza They staged an altercation after the issue of the arrangements and surgeries that several people from the show business had performed was raised.

This tense moment began after Janet Barboza revealed that the word ‘fat transfer’ is prohibited in the program referring to Melissa Paredes. However, Ethel added that there are many besides that: “There are several that cannot be said”, He mentioned causing laughter from the guests on set.

This confirmation by Ethel caused Janet Barboza to consider Ethel Pozo as a figure who has also gone to the ‘fixes’: “retouching is not a forbidden word, my dear Ethel, because everyone, including you, how you have fixed your eyebrows… Don’t make me talk Ethel”, She said quite uncomfortable. However, Gisela Valcárcel’s daughter defended herself: “for the eyebrows the lady wants to put me in the same sack”.

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