Ester Exposito without distance or masks at a party with Sebastián Yatra and Danna Paola

It has been more than a year since the coronavirus was declared a global pandemic and changed our lives forever. Despite the arrival of vaccines, infections continue to occur and that is why we must continue to maintain the protection measures recommended by experts. That is the reason why some people have not hesitated to criticize Sebastián Yatra in the last publications he has made in networks where we can see him partying with friends such as Danna Paola or Ester Expósito without wearing a mask or maintaining security measures.

Although the supply of vaccines for Covid is a measure to fight the virus, it must not be forgotten that it has not been eradicated. Infections and deaths continue to occur throughout the world and that is why it is necessary not to lower our guard and continue to protect ourselves.

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The singer Sebastián Yatra is in Spain and, perhaps due to lack of information, he has starred in a couple of meetings with friends who are now being criticized on the networks. The first of them was in a closed space with four more people: Ester Exposito, Alejandro Speitzer, Manolo Caro and Roberta Lobeira. The artist will debut as an actor in the musical series that Caro will direct for Netflix Once upon a time … but not anymore, the first production of its kind with a Spanish label.

The five friends and colleagues posed together on the sofa in the house of one of them without wearing masks or maintaining safety distances. Taking into account that the restrictions for this Holy Week include the prohibition of non-cohabiting meetings in a closed space, Sebastián Yatra has skipped them.

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“For being a good partner, for being a good partner. Who danced the best? @alejandrospeitzer ✌???????????? @ ester_exposito @robylobeiraart @manolocaro ”, the Colombian wrote in an Instagram post where, in addition to the photos, he posted a video in which he danced with the Mexican Speitzer.

Another of the posts that has provoked negative comments has been a video in which he also appears dancing, this time in the company of Danna Paola, with whom he was romantically related when he broke his relationship with Tini Stoessel, and the Morat boys.

Although this time they did not wear a mask or maintain safety distances, the group of friends was on an outdoor terrace, so the chances of contagion are lower. At the moment, Sebastián Yatra has not made any comment about it and maintains his publications on social networks.

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