Ester Expósito raises the temperature with an animal print minidress

Ester Expósito went out this past Friday night with her friend and former cast partner Sergio Momo. The young artists went to the exclusive “Papagayo Beach Club” nightclub on the paradisiacal island of Tenerife. The former members of “Elite” enjoyed a beautiful spring night meters from the sea and with the best music.

The person in charge of filming and taking pictures of the night out was Sergio who later received the repost from Ester. In the Instagram recording you can see the interpreter of “Carla Rosón” very funny wearing an animal print minidress, black boots, medium earrings and gold accessories. While the protagonist “Welcome to Eden” wore a muscle shirt and black pants combined with white urban sneakers.

This mentioned video that has as its protagonist Esther Expósito and Momo was filled with likes, views and comments on various social networks. This is not the first time that the Spaniards have fun together, since they usually go out often and leave several pearls of their wanderings.

Ester Expósito and Sergio Momo enjoying the disco. Source: Instagram Ester Exposito

Besides, Ester She continues to walk very much in love with her new partner, Nicolás Furtado. The European and the actor from “El Marginal” were walking the streets of Buenos Aires a few weeks ago where they were seen in different restaurants and even attended Sol Szpryngier’s massive birthday party.

Inclusive, exposition accompanied the Uruguayan actor to see a recital of “La Renga” at the Estadio Único de La Plata. In a video you can see the blonde dancing to the rhythm of the Argentine band and doing “pogo”. In other photos, she can be seen enjoying the lovebirds with a fernet with cola served in two makeshift glasses.

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