EPST: Minister Mwaba invites provincial education ministers to clean up their work environments

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At Sulatni Hotel in Kinshasa, the provincial ministers in charge of education in the Democratic Republic of Congo, took part in a workshop organized by the National Minister of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education, Professor Tony Mwaba Kazadi.

Faced with the various ills that grangrènent the EPST sub-sector, notes a dispatch from the communication unit of the said ministry, this meeting was intended to be a framework for the exchange of ideas and strategies in order to find suitable solutions to restore the level and quality of education in the DRC, declared the acting Secretary General at EPST, Christine Nepa-Nepa.

– Publicity-

In his opening speech, Minister Tony Mwaba, sensitized these officials to fight against all forms of anti-values ​​in their respective provinces and to put an end to all forms of conflict.

In addition, he blasted, according to the same source, the interference of the governors in the establishment of the executives of the EPST, while recalling that the monopoly of education belongs to the State.

Regarding the decline in the quality of education in the country, Tony Mwaba stressed the need to set the record straight by making a qualitative change in order to obtain results in the short, medium and long term.

It should be noted that in addition to provincial ministers, representatives of civil society, members of trade unions, educational partners, deputy general inspectors, directors of central services, the inspector general and the director of control services and teachers’ payroll, also took part in this workshop.

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