“Epidemic is more extensive”, US alarm





Epidemic is more extensive, US alarm

Doctor Deborah Birx (frame)

“What we see today is different than in March and April.” The epidemic “is extraordinarily widespread. It is in rural as well as urban areas”. These are the words of Dr. Deborah Birx, coordinator of the White House task force, on the State of the Union program, broadcast on CNN.

“Anyone who lives in a rural area is not immune or protected from this virus. If there is an outbreak in your area or city, and you live in a house with family and relatives, you should really consider wearing a mask. at home if you were positive and had individuals with other conditions alongside you, “says Birx. “The epidemic is now different and more extensive, it is both rural and urban.” The expert highlighted the importance of stemming the virus in the southern and western states. “These are not super-diffusing individuals, but events that encourage counting: we must block them, we must absolutely take further precautions.”

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