Environmental education with Racines de Terriens

Making the relationship between grains of wheat and the sandwiches we eat, understanding how most of the foods that nourish us are made, this is what hundreds of students discover every year in Rousson, thanks to the association Racines de Terriens, partner of Arc’Avène on the site of the Jardins ethnobotaniques de la Gardie, renowned for their preservation of ancient plants, in particular thousand-year-old cereals such as spelled also called “Gaulish wheat”.

Children discover ancestral transformation techniques, as in the old days when the force and sweat of humans, or animals, wind and waterways, were the only natural and non-polluting sources of energy.

Car Racines de Terriens offers environmental education activities through various and varied workshops whose objective is to learn to share, transmit, seek, play, dream and get used to living as close as possible to cycles of life, become aware and responsible citizens of our way of life. Here the classes have chosen two activities: bread making and the storytelling walk. Two groups are formed which will alternate after the midday meal.

Bread as in the old days

We start with the grain, we have the mill which allows it to be ground to obtain the flour, then each child models his dough according to his idea, then it is baking in the wood-fired oven, all this as before, and each one leaves with it. his bun … Very proud! “.

During this time, the other group left for their storytelling walk on a carefully planned sensory journey that allows each child to explore nature. “This is the story of little Pierrot, who leaves for the first time with a flock of sheep and who is afraid of everything … But little by little, he uses nature to calm himself … He learns to observe, smell, touch, listen. Through this walk, children learn to respect nature … “

Racines de Terriens is approved by the national education system as complementary to teaching for its various educational workshops for school audiences. But also many activities for adults too, to find on the site: www.racinesdeterriens.com/

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