"Young and restless" star Kristoff St. John was found dead at the age of 52. The police suspect that he may have died after an overdose of alcohol.

"The Young and the Restless" paid tribute to former cast member Kristoff St. John Friday, in a short segment that gave many viewers the feeling they were short-lived.

St. John was declared dead on Sunday in a house in Woodland Hills. He was 52. His cause of death was postponed "pending further investigation" after an autopsy was completed Monday, according to the coroner's official website.

The honors, at the end of Friday's broadcast, began with the images of St. John, who had played Neil Winters since 1991, speaking to the meaning of the long-running soap.

"It feels like a real achievement," said St. John. "I have been part of something that somehow is in a time capsule … and I am a part of it? Yes, I am one of the brothas on & # 39; The Young and the Restless & # 39; , I am one of the sons I am one of the family members I was there Yes, man, Neil Winters was an integral part. "

After a short installation of St. John's time in the show, the actor returned to the screen.

"Thank you for sharing this adventure," he said, "this mighty ship that sailed so long, I love you."

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The tribute, which lasted about a minute, ended with a picture of St. John with the text: "In loving memory of our dear friend."

Some on Twitter were confused, expecting more of the show to be dedicated to St. John.

The official Twitter account for "Y & R" had tweeted Tuesday: "In honor of Kristoff St. John, #YR will bring a special tribute to him during the show on Friday 8 February."

"I thought this was a #KristoffStJohn tribute episode … Or did I miss it …" a member of the Twitterverse shared.

"I thought that #YR paid tribute to Kristoff St. John today?" another confused user asked.

Others felt more enraged than perplexed.

"This tribute was 1 minute 30 seconds long," a user ventilated. "You are all disrespectful and disgusting, I can not wait for this show to be canned !!!"

"Wait, after 20 years is that the only tribute that CBS could collect?" a person wondered. "That is (sic) as pathetic as his death." RIP Kristoff St. John "

"1 minute from Kristoff after a whole episode of Rosales drama," a user tweeted. "#YR you're trying me TODAY!"

"Not at all impressed", another message read. "They did not even have him in the opening montage! Hopefully they will give him a good monument on the show!"

"Idk what @CBSDaytime time thinking," remarked an user. "That tribute to Kristoff St. John (Neil Winters) was bad, I expected much more than that." Very disappointed. "

Not everyone, however, was offended by the segment.

"I love their tributes to Kristoff St. John aka Neil," a user wrote. "Rest Easy now ur bk with ur son" (St. John & # 39; s son Julian died in 2014 of a clear suicide.)

Kristoff St. John: Death draws attention to risks for survivors of suicide loss

"That tribute to # KristoffSt John on @ YandR_CBS was heartrending," another comment. "He will be so missed."

"#YR wow, that was a great way to end the show, bittersweet, fitting, whatever you want to call it," a person complimented. "Goodbye #KristoffStJohn #NeilWinters Rest in Peace"

"Thanks @ YandR_CBS for that nice mini-tribute to # KristoffStJohn, Neal (sic)," a user expressed. "So sweet for such a sad ending, hopefully now, he will find peace in passing, he will be missed by his fans."

"@YandR_CBS your last tribute to #KristoffStJohn AKA #NeilWinters has me in tears," another revealed. "Wow!"

St. John's latest episode of "Y & R" aired on Wednesday and portrayed him as a family man in support of his adopted son, Devon Hamilton Winters played by Bryton James. A representative from CBS told USA TODAY that "Y & R will show a story line that honors Kristoff and his character", end of April.

"It's your big night, I would not miss it, man," Winters told his performing musician, who promoted an exclusive performance Wednesday.

"I am proud of you, and I am really glad that I am here to witness this next triumph in your life," he said.

The episode caused many viewers who took their pain on Twitter.

"So heartbreaking and sad to know that this is the last time that Neil and Kristoff St. John appear on the program," wrote a fan. "I still can not believe it."

CBS announced late Thursday that the show was not done in honor of the character of St. John.

"The Young and the Restless" will continue to appreciate the legacy of Kristoff St. John forever, "a representative from CBS USA told TODAY, adding that" Y & R will show a storyline that pays tribute to both Kristoff and his character ", starting at the end of April.

After his death, St. John's co-stars and fellow celebs also mourned him on social media.

In an Instagram post that had since been removed, his fiancée Kseniya Mikhaleva shared a photo of the two and all questions that revolved around her head.

"How did it happen? How? Why did you leave so early and have left me alone …", she endorsed the image. "I can not believe that you were all for me … you were a loving father, a loving man, ….. how much love … We should do many things in the future ……"

Contributions: Anika Reed, Leora Arnowitz and Julia Thompson

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