You won’t believe what happened after Gwyneth Paltrow started selling her vagina-scented candles

Just when fans thought that Gwyneth Paltrow could no longer surprise us with another unusual Goop product, he did. The star company is now selling scented candles. Yes, you read it correctly and you will not believe what happened after they reached the market.

Read on to find out about that and how the company describes the aroma of the candle.

Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow | Leon Bennett / Getty Images

What products does the Palopow Goop company sell?

Paltrow’s lifestyle brand has received criticism since its launch several years ago for some of the scandalous products it sells.

Goop started as a newsletter in 2008 and was incorporated in 2011. It launched an online store the following year. Paltrow is often credited with the inspiration of other celebrities to start their own lifestyle websites. But unlike some of those other lifestyle sites, Goop is known for selling more unique (and expensive) items.

The actress’s company sells almost everything from makeup to clothes and perfumes. Oh, and it also offers jade eggs, 22k gold tobacco pipes and $ 43,000 earrings. But one of the most unusual gifts was a BDSM kit, which was available during the holiday season.

“Think of this kit as a guide for BDSM beginners,” reads the product description. “It is even equipped with DIY fastening straps, to help you, he or she assume the position (wink, wink).”

This happened right after the vagina-scented candle went on sale.

Goop’s “This Smells Like My Vagina” candle made its debut on the website in January 2020 and could not keep them in existence for a long time, as they were completely sold out in minutes.

The site stated that the popular $ 75 candle would be replenished and that customers could even add their names to a waiting list to make sure they get their candle from the vagina.

According to the Goop website, “this candle started as a joke between perfumer Douglas Little and GP [Paltrow]. The two were working on a fragrance, and she released: “Uhhh … this smells like a vagina,” but it turned into a fun, wonderful, sexy and wonderfully unexpected scent. (That turned out to be perfect like a candle). ”

What does the candle really smell like?

So, you are probably wondering what this high demand candle really smells like. Well, we have the answer.

Aroma notes include geranium, citrus bergamot, cedar absolutes juxtaposed with Damascus rose and ambrete seeds. To put it “in mind of fantasy, seduction and a sophisticated warmth”.

“Paltrow” and the word “vagina” have shared headlines in the past specifically when talking about vaginal steam.

“The first time I tried the v-steam, I thought, ‘This is crazy,'” he told The Cut. “My friend Ben brought me and I thought: out. You’re out of your damn mind. What is this?” But in the end I thought: “This is great.”

She added: “Then I start researching, and it has been in Korean medicine for thousands of years and there are real healing properties. If I find [a] benefit from it and you are getting many visits to the page, it is a win-win “.”

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