WWE SmackDown Results: Blood Demon Signs, Roman Reigns and The Usos, Final Royal Rumble Hype


Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com Live WWE SmackDown Watching party. Tonight’s show comes from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX.

– The final WWE SmackDown before Royal Rumble The pay per view opens with the standard video package for the blue mark.

– We are live from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, as Michael Cole welcomes us. The fire is fired into the sand. Corey Graves joins Cole, and they exaggerate tonight’s episode.

The Uses and Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin, Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler

We go straight to the ring for tonight’s first game and The Usos: Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso comes out. Roman Reigns is next. We took a look at how Reigns defeated Robert Roode in a table game last week, then we were able to choose the Falls Count Anywhere game for Sunday’s singles match at the Rumble with King Baron Corbin. Then comes King Corbin, riding towards the ring in his caravan. Roode and Dolph Ziggler are with him.

The bell rings when Ziggler starts with Jey. Ziggler takes him to the corner and backs off, but then rocks Root in his mouth. Use with a head wrench now. Use with one shoulder to release Ziggler. Use with a large chop. Jimmy enters and duplicates the Ziggler team. Double elbows fall and Jimmy covers by a count of 2. Roode enters and they lock themselves up. Use takes Jimmy to the corner and hits him. Roode stomps as fans unite for Use.

Jimmy fights out of the corner and then returns the chops to the corner. Roode counteracts and sends Use to the apron. He slips and falls to the ground. Ziggler continues and charges to send to Use the steel ring steps and post. The referee checks Jimmy when the other Superstars approach to face each other. Jey and the referee control Jimmy now. Coaches come to help as they talk about Jimmy landing on the back of his head. Officials help Jimmy stand up while the crowd applauds. Cole plays with the seriousness of the situation while Jimmy is helped to back off. Let’s go to the commercial.

Back from the break and now it’s a 2 vs. 3 handicap game. Jey ends up going with Ziggler and taking control. Jey with a big header for a close count of 2 in the middle of the ring. Ziggler takes Jey to the corner and Corbin enters. Corbin stops using and plays the crowd in search of boos. Jey rocks Corbin several times while fans explode.

Corbin slips under the lower rope and re-enters, but Jey elbows him. Jey climbs to the top but rolls while Corbin moves. Corbin immediately catches Jey with a Deep Six for a close count of 2. Reigns enters and has words with Corbin. Jey is sent to the floor while Corbin continues to mock Reigns. Ziggler takes advantage with cheap blows to Jey abroad. Roode enters and pushes Jey back to the apron. Roode brings him back to the ring and works with Jey. Roode with a neck breaker in the middle of the ring for a count of 2. Roode drags Jey to the corner and enters Ziggler with a tag. Ziggler drops a large elbow for another closed pin attempt. Corbin enters and stomps while Ziggler holds down Use. Corbin unloads Jey with his elbows in his chest. Roode re-enters while fans sing “Corbin sucks!” now. Jey is sent to the corner but he throws Corbin to the ground.

Use tries it with Roode now and drops it with an enzyiguri for a great pop. Reigns waits for the label and approaches as fans gather. Corbin comes from behind and takes Reigns out of the apron, then sends him to the steel steps and then to the barrier. Corbin throws Reigns over the barrier at the feet of fans in the front row. Back to the commercial.

Back from the break, Corbin brings Jey back to the ring, playing with the crowd and wasting time while booing him. Reigns follows down on the ringside. Jey counteracts a whip and sends Corbin to the ring post with his shoulder first. Reigns finally returns to the apron to reach the label while Use crawls. The labels reign and download in Ziggler as Corbin labels them quickly. Roode is knocked down from the apron. Reigns levels Ziggler while fans cheer him up. Queen with clotheslines in the corner while fans count on him. Ziggler levels reign with a big boot in the face. Reigns takes the support of the crowd and calls to push Ziggler away as he gets up.

Roode distracts the referee, allowing Corbin to come from behind and grabs Reigns by the hair. Reigns wrestling but becomes a great Ziggler superkick in the center of the ring. Reigns still kicks at 2. Fans sing for Reigns while Ziggler stalks him and talks trash. Ziggler throws Reigns to the ground. Roode and Corbin trample on Reigns while Ziggler keeps the referee distracted. Ziggler comes out again, mocking Reigns and yelling at him at the bulletin board. The referee counts but Ziggler takes up the fight. Ziggler drops a big elbow and Reigns kicks at 2.

Corbin enters while Ziggler rakes Reigns’ face. Corbin with a kick to the intestine. Corbin with one knee in the intestine and a large right hand on the face. Corbin stands up while the boos get stronger. Corbin mounts Reigns and downloads with hits. Roode re-enters and is displayed while Reigns is idle. Roode asks for Glorious DDT and waits for Reigns to get up. Roode kicks Reigns but Reigns counterattacks and rolls him to count 2. Reigns turns that into a great power bomb for a close count of 2. Jey returns to the apron and gathers the crowd, while Reigns and Ziggler are down. Ziggler pulls Jey out of the apron while Reigns goes by the label. Ziggler throws Jey against the barrier twice, then throws it on the bulletin board.

Corbin returns to work on Reigns in the ring, hitting him in the corner. Ziggler comes back in and hits a neck breaker for a count of 2. Ziggler talks crap and waits for Reigns to get back up. Ziggler starts preparing the superkick now, mocking Reigns while he’s down. Ziggler goes for the kick but Reigns jumps with a great Superman Punch. Jey is still down at the bulletin board. Jimmy is limping down the ramp while fans explode.

Reigns labels Jimmy and he downloads Roode, as he also enters. Jimmy with a great Samoan Drop for Roode in the center of the ring. Jimmy drops Corbin from the apron and nails a suicide dive, sending him to the bulletin board. Jimmy releases Roode and then Ziggler from the apron. Jimmy climbs to the top and hits a cross body in Roode, but Corbin breaks the pin just in time. Jimmy blocks End of days and slips. Reigns continues with a Superman Punch to Corbin. Reigns beat Corbin by ringside now. Reigns defeats Corbin over the barrier and in the crowd. Reigns grabs a trash can and hits Corbin with him as they fight the crowd. Reign with another big trash can on the head. Reigns chases Corbin from behind.

Jimmy climbs to the top but Ziggler arrives at the apron to try to stop him. Jey leaves the bulletin board out of nowhere and pulls Ziggler out of his apron. Roode tries to stop Jimmy, but Jimmy counteracts and nails the large splash of Use for the pin to win in the center of the ring.

Winners: Roman Uses and Reigns

– After the game, The Usos celebrates its musical successes. Let’s go to the reps. Jimmy and Jey regroup on the ringside while Graves and Cole deal with the remains of the bulletin board.

– Broadcasters show us how Kane helped Daniel Bryan attract WWE Universal Champion “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt to an attack last week. Still to come, Bryan and Wyatt will sign the contract for their Strap Match at the Royal Rumble.

– We see Lacey Evans behind the scenes doing a photo shoot. Cole will interview her tonight. Back to the commercial.

– Back from the break and Corey Graves announces Roman Reigns and SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day for the special edition of WWE Super Bowl Week next Tuesday at FS1, live from Miami.

– Graves takes us to a video package about the dispute between Lacey Evans and the SmackDown Bayley Women’s Champion.

– Let’s go to the stage and Michael Cole is there with a microphone. Cole introduces Lacey Evans and goes out to cheer the crowd. Cole asks why Evans first questioned the leadership of Bayley and Sasha Banks to begin the dispute.

Evans says because they are bullies. He got tired of seeing them do what they do, so he called them thugs. Cole asks if Evans had a difficult education. She gets excited when she talks about her father losing his battle against addiction and depression. Keep talking about being a role model for fans and showing them that they can do it. Fans cheer and Evans continues to be excited. Cole mentions how he entered the Marines and says that led her to be here at WWE. Cole says that Evans will have to be a leader if he defeats Bayley. She says she will be a leader who demonstrates that you can achieve anything if you keep pushing, no matter what happened or where you’ve been. She will continue to set that example because that is what the world needs, and she will be that champion. Cole mentions Evans’s daughter as a fighter and shows us a repetition of what happened last month when Banks and Bayley made fun of their daughter in the ringside.

Evans says looking at that makes her angry, but she is glad her daughter faced the stalkers. She talks about how fans didn’t see her daughter crying behind the scenes. He had to explain that this was his job. She says that Banks and Bayley got between her and her daughter when her daughter tried to keep her. Evans says he put Banks on the shelf and that on Sunday, he’ll put Bayley … Bayley suddenly attacks from behind and drops Evans. Bayley yells at Evans, asking where his daughter is now. Authorities drive Bayley away from Evans when Evans recovers and stands up again.

– Kayla Braxton is behind the scenes with Carmella and Dana Brooke, asking for 30-Woman. Royal Rumble Match. Carmella continues on why she is the favorite to win on Sunday. Brooke says we have already seen Carmella’s Wikipedia page and we know what she has done. Brooke continues on how everyone has a chance at the Rumble. We hear someone fight in the back and the camera cuts to Evans fighting with Bayley. Brooke and Carmella run to break the fight just like the officials. We go to the commercial while the fight continues.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross against Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville

Back from the break, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross leave. We see highlights of Bliss’s victory over Sonya Deville last week, which involved Otis and Mandy Rose distracting in the ringside. Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose are next when Greg Hamilton makes the presentations. Cole shows us images of early today with Rose apologizing to Deville for what happened last week. Deville says it’s nothing, he’s stupid and shouldn’t have asked Rose to involve Otis.

The match begins, but the fight between women behind the scenes spills immediately into the ring. The referee calls the game while the big fight continues with Lacey Evans and Bayley in the ring. Officials try to break things when Cole promotes Evans vs. Bayley in the Royal Rumble for the title

– We see Elias behind the stage playing his guitar. Braun Strowman approaches and tells Elias that it is time to go to work. They go together and we go to the commercial.

Elias and Braun Strowman against Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura

We go to the ring and Elias goes out with his guitar. Elias talks about him Royal Rumble and ask who wants to walk with him. Start interpreting your last song. Elias introduces his partner and leaves Braun Strowman for the next game. Elias surprises Braun with plans for a duo but they are interrupted. Then comes Cesaro and WWE Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura with Sami Zayn.

Elias starts with Cesaro. Cesaro cradles him but Elias takes him out and drops him on the upper tensioner. Elias with a clothesline. Elias focuses on the arm now and walks the upper rope, nailing the double knees. Elias ends up being sent to the floor by Cesaro. Nakamura nails Elias outside. Braun comes running and flattens Nakamura in the ringside. Braun screams when fans appear and we return to the commercial.

Back from the break and Elias fights Cesaro in the ring and Nakamura in the apron. Nakamura is shot down. Elias drops Cesaro with a big kick, but he also falls. More round trip now. Elias levels Nakamura when Nakamura attacks him. Sami meets for Nakamura, but Braun receives the hot tag and unloads in Nakamura as fans appear. Cesaro also falls. Braun with a big splash in the corner. Braun throws Nakamura through the air and then hits him in the chest.

Nakamura returns and leaves the second rope with a kick to knock Nakamura down. Cesaro joins and fold the Braun team, throwing him into the ring after his shoulder. Cesaro and Nakamura with more double team moves to Braun. Cesaro covers for a count of 2. Sami distracts from the apron. Elias takes advantage and drops Nakamura on the ring post. The chaos continues, but Braun drives Cesaro a powerslam in the center of the ring. Elias enters and hits the fall of the flying elbow from the top, covering Cesaro so that the pin wins.

Winners: Elias and Braun Strowman

– After the game, Strowman and Elias stand together in the ring while Sami regroups his troops. Let’s go to the reps.

– We see how Daniel Bryan launched the challenge for the Strap Match stipulation last week. Bryan shows up behind the scenes

– The SmackDown Tag Team Champion, Big E, is behind the scenes being oiled by a strange man when Kofi Kingston approaches. Big E makes a joke about staying oiled and using that as an advantage in the Royal Rumble Match. Big E mentions that Kofi is in a game tonight and says that after doing their thing, they will go to Houston for the Rumble Match. Kofi talks about how they will enter Rumble with the power of positivity, and it doesn’t matter what numbers they take out. Big E says that this year they are doing it for Xavier Woods. They get excited as we go to the commercial with Cole mentioning that Kofi will face John Morrison tonight.

– We see what happened before with Roman Reigns and The Usos vs. King Corbin, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. Kayla Braxton is behind the scenes with Corbin now. He goes on and on about how bad he will defeat Reigns in his Falls Count Anywhere game on Sunday. Corbin says Reigns won’t arrive at the Rumble Match on Sunday, but he will and will continue WrestleMania 36 to win the WWE Universal Title.

– Cole takes us to the annual “By The Numbers” video for the Royal Rumble.

Kofi Kingston vs. John Morrison

We go to the ring and SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day comes out – Kofi Kingston with Big E. The New Day throws pancakes into the crowd when we return to the commercial.

Back from the break and we have a pre-recorded promotion of Sheamus in the backstage. Send a warning to Shorty G before your match at Royal Rumble on Sunday. The Celtic warrior says he will finish what he started with G, and as a rat from hell, G will be gone in the morning. We return to the ring and John Morrison comes out with The Miz. Morrison makes his signature entry and they stop at the ramp. Miz takes the microphone and hits the crowd for booing Morrison during his return to the ring last week. Miz asks why they booed Morrison and wonders if it is because he is associated with Miz. Miz says that he is the same and has not changed, and can see that when the second season of Miz & Mrs. premieres next Wednesday on the US network. UU. At 10 pm. ET. Miz continues and announces his two places for 30-Man Royal Rumble Match, also boasts of how Morrison beat Big E last week. Miz says it will be amazing when he or Morrison win and continue with WrestleMania. Music resumes when Morrison plays the ring.

The bell rings and they lock themselves up. Morrison takes him to the corner and pushes Kofi as he recoils. Kofi pushes Morrison back. They go to it and avoid movements with counters. Kofi strikes back from the corner. Morrison falls on his face. Morrison counters a movement and sends Kofi to the ground through the ropes. Morrison runs the ropes but ends up on the ground while Kofi watches. Kofi throws himself from the ring to the ground, knocking down Morrison. Morrison returns and drops Kofi on the floor, right in front of Miz. Let’s go to the commercial.

Back from the break and Morrison has Kofi down. Kofi kicks him away. Morrison finds himself with a kick in the nose in the corner. Kofi rolls Morrison, but Morrison shoots backwards with a large knee in his mouth. Kofi dodges Starship Pain and Morrison lands hard. Fans try to join Kofi when he leaves the top. Kofi starts riding more offensive now. Morrison cuts Kofi with a kick in the chest. Kofi runs to the top and nails a large scissor head to tear down Morrison. Kofi maintains control for another close count of 2 in the middle of the ring.

Kofi catches Morrison with another kick in the face while Miz seems worried about the ringside. Kofi with a Boom Drop in the middle of the ring while fans cheer him up. Fans cheer “New Day rocks!” as Kofi looks for Trouble In Paradise, but Morrison levels it with a big kick from nowhere. Morrison takes Kofi to the top and they exchange strikes. Kofi pulled Morrison from the top, almost hitting the referee. We have a cheap thumb in the eye. Morrison returns to the top and hits a large Spanish fly for a close count of 2. More round trip now. Kofi nails an SOS for another closed pin attempt while Miz screams at the ringside. Morrison drops Kofi and uses the second rope to leverage, but Big E stops him to break the pin.

Miz runs and rocks the Great E from the side. Big e chases Miz around the ring and the apron. Kofi pulls Miz’s apron with Trouble In Paradise. Morrison runs and drops Kofi with a shot in the neck. Morrison returns to the top and hits Starship Pain in Kofi to win the pin.

Winner: John Morrison

– After the game, Morrison stands up while the music plays. Let’s go to the commercial. Morrison helps Miz and they celebrate while the music is playing.

– We see Daniel Bryan walking behind the scenes for the main event segment. Back to the commercial.

– Back from the break and Michael Cole is in the ring to sign a contract. Cole talks about the Strap Match at WWE on Sunday Royal Rumble pay per view, then introduce the challenger. Daniel Bryan comes out to a great pop and a “Yes!” Song of the crowd. Bryan gets up and doesn’t take a seat. Cole then introduces WWE Universal Champion Bray Wyatt. Firefly Fun House music arrives and Bray appears on the big screen. There are no signs of The Fiend.

Wyatt has a fax machine and is trying to send the contract to Bryan, but he can’t make this “fancy thing” work. We see the leather strap on the table next to the contract. Wyatt says that this fax problem can be a blessing in disguise because, why would Bryan ever tie himself to “him” since it’s crazy? Wyatt jokes about calling customer service. Bryan interrupts and says he knows Wyatt is a sick man, but he needs to come and sign the contract. Wyatt says that it is not a pleasant thing to say and that he is not sick, he is better than ever. Wyatt says his lawyer, Mercy The Buzzard, has advised him to stay where he is.

Bryan says he has seen enough through Wyatt. Bryan continues on how all Wyatt does is escape his problems. Bryan says he will be linked to The Fiend on Sunday and will make him pay for his mistakes. Wyatt interrupts and says that error is the word of the day. All the children of Fun House say “yes!” while Wyatt continues to say that all this is part of Bryan’s big mistake. By the way, Wyatt says that Bryan won’t face me, Wyatt, on Sunday. Therefore, it is logical that “he” signs the contract. The lights begin to go out in the sand. The red light reappears and we see The Fiend standing in the ring, with the strap in one hand. Bryan is holding the other end.

They start fighting and Bryan attacks, but The Fiend immediately knocks him down in the corner with the Claw Mandible. The Demon screams, then drops Bryan with Sister Abigail. Wyatt stands over Bryan and leaves him lying. Wyatt has Bryan’s shirt ripped off, and then starts whipping him on the back and side with the leash. Bryan screams. The Demon poses on Bryan and then goes to the table to sit down and sign the contract. The Demon takes the pen and stabs it in his hand. The Demon digs the ink pen in his palm and pulls it out, apparently to sign the contract with his own blood. Fans sing “You have problems!” now. The Demon recoils over Bryan and poses. The lights get off.

The lights come on and The Fiend is gone. We see the strap marks on Bryan’s entire bare back. The contract is now on the table in front of Bryan. We see The Fiend’s blood all over the newspaper when Cole sends us to repeat what just happened. Bryan sits on his knees and begins to nod his head like a “Yes!” The song explodes in the crowd. the Royal Rumble The launch edition of SmackDown on FOX airs with an angry Bryan who stands up.



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