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WWE Raw results: Dean Ambrose relies too much on Roman Reigns and Top Takeaways

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    Credit: WWE.com

    In a dominating display during the Survivor series, WWE Raw was in party mode on Monday night.

    However, from the opening segment with Stephanie McMahon and Baron Corbin, this alleged party became sour as boiled feelings. This led to a night of brutality, because babyfaces remained bruised and sometimes even broken.

    Seth Rollins spent the night haunting Dean Ambrose, just to be traced again and mocked again. Braun Strowman got everything he wanted from Stephanie, but at the end of the night he ended up in the hospital. He faced overwhelming chances on his way to his Tables, Ladders & Chairs collided with Corbin. Physically and mentally bruised, Ronda Rousey hardly survived the night.

    Despite all these rough moments, the ultimate pick-up options for the night were clear. Raw takes a few chances in the last weeks of the year.

    Wrestlers move in new directions and it can take a while before the Road to WrestleMania really starts, so that everyone knows for sure which of them remains.

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    Seth Rollins called Dean Ambrose again, but his former Shield brother turned the script around. He said he would let The Architect pay for all the bad that the team did, starting on Monday night, and he threw Rollins in the pursuit of his backstage.

    After leaving Rollins frustrating, The Lunatic Fringe left for the ring to talk to the fans. The Kingslayer only came back to take a low shot and Dirty Deeds, re-engineered by his former best friend.

    Ambrose seems to change his story every week. He talks in circles about divine retribution and a need to destroy everything instead of concentrating on the points he spoke last week about being stronger himself.

    In the beginning this came as a close and powerful rivalry fueled by the real-life diagnosis of Roman Reigns, but the continued use of the former universal WWE champion to feed this battle is lazy rather than authentic stories.

    Even if The Big Dog allows Ambrose to use his name to add warmth to this feud, it was hard to get excited about this rivalry when the story constantly changes. There is a lot of talent here, setting up many great promos, but fans will lose interest without a clear story coming soon.

    If Ambrose wants to be an angel of retribution, who punishes the intercontinental champion of WWE for his sins, it would be a unique character to play. He will, however, have to do more than hitherto, because he still seems to be the same person he has always been, only more seriously.

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Braun Strowman claimed his match with Baron Corbin and title recognition against Brock Lesnar, and he got both from Stephanie McMahon. He also received a potential early inclusion of the acting general manager in a six-man elimination tag match with his partners Finn Balor and Elias who were eliminated cheaply.

    Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley then forgot the game and battered The Monster Among Men, taking revenge until Corbin broke Strowman's arm between steel steps. WWE.com later commented that the elbow of Strowman was shattered in the attack.

    Although this took far too long and took almost the entire first hour of Raw, the point of the segment was clear. The Monster is made more human to appeal to the public more. It is a strange move to make a star that was over, precisely because it is a culmination of inhuman power.

    Strowman should come back from this injury, more popular than ever, but perhaps fans have not really invested in a long TLC match between him and The Lone Wolf. The feud has merit outside the ring, but it's not even close to being worthy of Raw's best place at TLC on December 16th.

    The red brand turns its wheels in different ways, perhaps no more than this rivalry, especially if there is a ready-made competition between Strowman and Drew McIntyre who ignores the company.

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The Lucha House Party fought against the Revival this week and all three members of the team were allowed to participate at the same time. Because of this, the tag-team match was impossible for The Revival with Lince Dorado who hit a shooting star press to win for his team.

    There is no good excuse for WWE pretending lucha rules are equal to every Lucha House Party contest as a handicap match. Although there are unique lucha rules for a tag team match, there are no three men who can participate as two.

    Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder were inconsistently sold as one of Raw's best tag teams, but they were completely overwhelmed here in a way that was apparently technically legal. It ruined a quarrel that had so much potential from the beginning.

    It all feels like an artificial way to ensure that Kalisto, Dorado and Gran Metalik stand out when they do not need it. These are three of the most exciting artists in WWE, and they have proven at 205 Live that their speed and athletics can only take them over.

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    Bruised and beaten after Survivor Series, Ronda Rousey demanded that she defend her Raw Women & # 39; s Championship. Baron Corbin was ultimately convinced and brought out Mickie James, who could not use the injuries of the champion and tapped the arm bar.

    A few months ago, The Baddest Woman on the Planet was perhaps the most popular woman in the business, but Becky Lynch's golf in fandom has apparently led to a balancing act where fans turned against the UFC Hall of Famer.

    The boos on Sundays was followed by a tepid reception on Raw, and it is easy to see the writing on the wall. Charlotte Flair's turn added only a star for fans to cheer Rousey, and created a one-dimensional dynamism where fans have chosen their side.

    By the time WWE reaches the Four Horsewomen or WWE that clashes with The Four Horsewomen or MMA, it will not take much to convince everyone to take root for the wrestling team. Rousey will just need a push to the dark side.

    It should be interesting to see how WWE responds to this growing decoupling. It would not be the first or the last time that the company has chosen a top star that captivates fans.


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