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With "Honeymoon", is a new year, a new network for a New Yorker Brooklyn Nine-Nine

"Well, from the look on my face I'm sure you can guess what it says."

"Honeymoon" continues from where "Jake & Amy" left, with Holt finding out whether he had obtained the position of Commissioner in New York or not. (The answer, it turns out, was "not".) That cliffhanger he could have made an open and decent conclusion to the series, but fortunately it was not the last time we ever saw the Nine-Nine team. Now, with a second life on a new network, "Honeymoon" must work for Brooklyn Nine-Nine on several levels, both as a continuation of the last five seasons and as a premiere of the sixth season, but also technically as a series premiere to all the new spectators who could still wonder what the big problem of this show is.

To conduct

And he does it. "Honeymoon" excels in a subtly way, as though they are 114 episodes in Brooklyn Nine-NineIt is a race, serves as a functional and correct introduction to all the main characters, as well as a course accelerated on their personalities and what drives them, as well as an introduction to the type of humor this show is dedicated to. In fact, "Honeymoon" is a very heavy episode for the joke that could also establish the rhythm of the differences between Brooklyn Nine-Nine on FOX e Brooklyn Nine-Nine on NBC. (Even if they are minor differences, I know that based on a scheduled visit there are also differences when it comes to cold lengths and "beeps" on NBC. "These differences are longer and actually allowed, respectively.) Yet there is no c & # 39; It's nothing about this introduction to a potentially new audience that suggests handling or slowing things down so they can recover. In fact, the screenplay by Neil Campbell is behind, apparently fueled by the power of Jock Jams.

As for "Honeymoon" it works like a first season, it is not only a welcome return to the Nine-Nine, but what confirms the show is still achieved, at least in this content episode. It also puts things in motion for the rest of the season (or at least the next episodes), whether it's Jake / Amy's just married bliss or the dissolution of the marriage between Gina's mother and Boyle's father (which looks like a tying up change when it comes to the future of Chelsea Peretti with the series) or back John Kelly who gets the post of commissioner on Holt (and what happens accordingly).

Commissioner Kelly's retaliation against the Nine-Nove – turning the bullpen into absolute chaos – because Holt passing over his head could bode well for Brooklyn Nine-Nine and its longest arches. At least for how it is now, there is definitely a difference between a small opponent who is certainly not a good boy and a lumpy, omnipotent corrupt policeman of a villain, and considering how much Brooklyn Nine-NineBig Bad strings have intensified at this point, it makes sense to go back to basics on that front. It certainly falls inside Brooklyn Nine-NineThe tendency to go with "every cop, but the policemen in the Nine-Nine story are bad", especially because the policy that pushes Kelly's head to Holt is essentially Stop & Frisk 2.0, but it's also something that we hope will not go too far into the darkness to enjoy it.

The plot of Terry / Rosa also concerns the bureaucracy and much less exciting work that becomes a true leader in the Nine Nine, but it is also one that serves as a reminder of the culture of the Nine Nine and how, actually Holt got the post of commissioner , the team and the show would have been fine. This does not require a captivating nickname like "Top Dog Terry" and all the barks that accompany it, but then again, perhaps all episodes require it. The plot itself is a simple story, something to which Brooklyn Nine-Nine excels: with the need of Terry to be a good leader and stubbornness (as a result of wanting to prove to be a good leader) driving the comedy. At the point where he begins to read a book on religion only to respond to that of Holt first security question: "What's God?" If there is a shot that I can really give this episode, it is that Rosa is the most underrated character in this, since it is really the one that opens up the most exaggerated reactions of Terry and Gina's "Mascalzoni" interpretations, but she still has moments of dry humor that still work with the introduction of the accelerated course to the show. (See: "Well, you solved it" after Terry hacked Holt's laptop into pieces)

In fact, if there's another blow I can give, it comes in the form of wondering how Kevin feels about the fact that her husband is running away to heaven without him.

But outside of Kevin's persistent question, it's the little things in terms of narrative cohesion that count. So often, despite all working in the same bullpen, there is not much crossover between the different episodes. Here, Gina is a scoundrel to Terry during all her leadership problems, while she also takes care (and tries to avoid) Boyle in the same plot. Gina they should being in Terry / Rosa's plot – because he's Holt's assistant and Terry is replacing Holt – but as simple as it may be, it would be just as easy for the show to recognize his cheats off the screen and never show it here.

The whole episode is fantastic when it comes to showing it fully Brooklyn Nine-NineThe greatest sensitivity of a sitcom – not just embarrassing moments like Jake's real-time Jock Jams and Cyrano's scary attempt to Scully and Boyle – if Jake is making a big speech to Holt about how much he means to him (though this ends with Holt calling him "selfish"), Terry realizes that the power to drive was in him forever, or that Gina was really trying to be a decent person with Boyle. Brooklyn Nine-Nine it's a comedy about good and competent people – and Scully and Hitchcock raise one another to become even better people. Everything plays against a background of police workplaces.

It is also a show about the horrible Gina masks and the useless wigs that accompany them. (Never change, Boyle.)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine it is also a show on Amy Santiago and Jake Peralta that satisfy their mutual fantasies (Dewey Decimal System e Die Hard-based, respectively), all in contrast to a depressed Holt. And considering the way Holt's emotional range goes from zero to zero, Holt's depressed vision is another thing to add to "Reasons Andre Braugher deserves more awards for Brooklyn Nine-Nine"list, while Brooklyn Nine-NIne could probably still get a funny episode of having Jake / Amy in full-on bliss just married while everyone returns to the Nine-Nine is surrounded by chaos, "Honeymoon" is really driven by the third Holt wheel that rains on their sexy parade, towards the that they end up drinking "two super depressing coconuts filled with merlot".

Much of the promotion for this season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine centered on the relationship between Jake and Amy, and even more indicative of the strength of their partnership is the way they deal with the terrible plans to bring Holt back on the right path and out of his malaise based on rejection. (And seriously, the way Amy surprises Jake dressed as Bonnie Bedelia Die Hard, which is one of the most incredible moments in the history of the series.) The novelty gag of Holt's shirt is a highlight of this plot, but the existential fear with which it fills every scene, even when it is spread eagle on Jake and # 39; Amy hotel room bed is the real pleasure.

As a first season, "Honeymoon" is exactly the episode for which you want to start things on the right foot Brooklyn Nine-Nine. But the same also applies to its role as an emerging party for Brooklyn Nine-Nine on NBC. It is not that "Honeymoon" is the best episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but not only does it impressively achieve all that it has to do in one fell swoop, but it also does so by keeping the level of humor high and setting some interesting dynamics going on. In this case, it is absolutely exemplary.

Wandering observations

  • This week in webisodes Brooklyn Nine-Nine needs: The last one I made of these was, "Literally all the webisodes I have included in this feature … only on NBC.com. "I think I've reached the peak, feel free to suggest your web-sites in the comments.
  • Hitchcock: "Wait, can we say again 'labia & # 39 ;?" The Peacock is out of control.
  • When it comes to Jock Jams, in bad weather, from Jake to the open cold, he should have known: a boombox is not a toy.
  • Not surprisingly, Scully is willing to "bend her knee" for Gina.
  • Jake / Amy: "ABC".
    Jake: "Always Be Coconutting".
  • Favorite Holt novelty t-shirt? I think you can not go wrong with "Pineapple Slut" and Jake would agree.
  • Boyle: "Gina, what the hell?"
    Gina: "New phone, who is it?"
    Boyle: "You can not do it in person, it's Charles! Boyle, your work colleague."
  • Boyle: "Why do you like this?"
    Gina: "I do not know."
  • So, this episode makes Kevin appear during the password hunt … How did Kevin feel about Holt just getting released?
  • Amy: "Do not get the job you want to stink." In first grade, I was sent back to the front line and I'm still pissed off. "Kyle D's lines had plenty of sharp curves and gaps: it was a frenzied carnival."
    Jake: "Shyeah, what's a line leader?"
  • Holt: "Do not worry, I'm not listening, I'm just thinking about how this bass is cold, but not as cold and cruel as the hands of fate that have driven my whole life into darkness."
  • Holt: "Sorry, I can not even float right, push me away, everyone else does."
  • Holt: "Tell me: what's in me that screams" loser "?"
  • Amy: "Wait. Got it."
    Jake: "We kill Holt."
    Amy: "No!"
  • Instructor: "Welcome to the sensual tasting of food, the art of nurturing your lover".
    Holt: "I feel like I do not belong here."
  • According to Gina, Terry's passwords are: "baldbychoice", "pecman" and "macklemoreenthusiast". Come on, Terry.
  • Amy: "This B needs a C in my A." Naturally, Jake then tells her what (and all of us) we thought meant, along with all the acoustic signals of the resulting network.
  • Amy: "How about improving relations with the community?"
    Holt: "Yes, everyone loves the police, it's embarrassing." Also: "There's no more crime in Brooklyn."


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