Will Jussie Smollett be prosecuted? – Will he ever work again? – Frank report


As noted in an earlier Frank report Former US attorney Dan Webb has been appointed Special Prosecutor to investigate the circumstances in which the Cook County Procuratorate filed a series of indictments at the beginning of the year. Englisch: www.cosmetic-business.com/en/showar…p?art_id=844 Jussie Smollett had dismissed.

Dan Webb

So, what are the chances that Smollett – and maybe others – will face new lawsuits sometime in the future?

Given the known facts in the case of Smollett – and the experience of Webb as a special prosecutor – I would say that this is damn high.

First, this is the sixth time that Webb has been appointed Special Prosecutor or in a similar capacity. All other cases led to charges – and either confessions or convictions.

In the case of Smollett, Webb was asked to do three things:
(1) investigate whether a person or an office involved in the Smollett case has committed misconduct;
(2) Determine if there are grounds for further criminal proceedings against Mr Smollett. and
(3) Submit a final report to the court and to the Cook County Board of Commissioners detailing the progress and final results of the investigation and any prosecutions that have been initiated.


Timeline of the Smollett Falls

The Smollett case has been going on for almost eight months. Here are the key facts, the most important events and the latest news:
January 29th: Smollett told the Chicago police that he was attacked at around 1:30 am by two masked men whom he considered white on the way back from a run to a local subway shop. According to Smollett, the two men began with homophobic and racist ribbons – and then tied a noose around his neck and poured bleach on him.

Bodycam footage of Jussie Smollett at the time he reported the fake police attack from Chicago. Now we know what happened to all the old CBI sweaters from Raniere.

January 30th: Investigators have found a surveillance tape showing two "potential prospects".

February 1st: Smollett issued a statement recognizing that several skeptics had raised questions about the alleged attack on social media – and made the following statement: "I work with authorities and was 100 percent factual and consistent at every level. Despite my disappointment and deep concern about certain inaccuracies and misrepresentations that have been circulated, I still believe that justice will serve. "

2nd of February: Smollett had his first public appearance since the alleged attack – and told the crowd at his concert: "I have so many words in my heart to say, but the most important thing I can say is, thank you very much, and I'm OK."

February 11th: Smollett refused to hand over his phone to the Chicago police and instead provided them with edited records that they said "… do not bear the criminal investigation burden".

13th FebruaryChicago police arrested two brothers, Olabinjo and Abimbola Osundairo, when they returned to Chicago on a flight from their native Nigeria.

14th of February: Smollett appeared on Good Morning America – and said to Robin Roberts: "I have so many words in my heart that I want to say, but the most important thing I can say is, thank you and I'm fine."

15th of February: The Osundairo brothers were identified as suspects by the Chicago police – but then released without charge. Later that day, the investigators announced that the brothers were no longer considered suspects, but did not explain why.

16th of FebruaryThe Chicago police said they wanted to talk to Mr. Smollett again, while numerous media reports said the Osundairo brothers told the investigators that they were being paid by Smollett to participate in a fake attack on him.

19th of FebruaryCook's District Attorney Kim Foxx announced that she was withdrawing from the Smollett case over a potential conflict of interest, and appointed her first deputy, Joseph Magats, as acting district attorney.

20. February: Smollett has been charged by the Cook County Procuratorate with a charge of disorderly conduct.

21st of February: Smollett was arrested by police in Chicago, who claimed that he had staged the fake attack because he was dissatisfied with his salary on the television show "Empire". He issued a $ 10,000 bond and was released.

8th of March: Smollett was charged by a large jury with 16 crimes for disorderly conduct.

26th of MarchCook County Procuratorate dismissed all pending charges against Smollett. The following statement was released: "After reviewing all the facts and circumstances of the case, including Mr. Smollett's volunteer service in the community and the agreement to renounce his commitment to the City of Chicago, we believe that this outcome constitutes a just disposition and appropriate solution to the case . "

11 April: The City of Chicago filed a civil lawsuit against Smollett with the US District Court seeking to claim more than $ 130,000, which it claims to have spent on investigating Smollett's false claims. Smollett has requested that the application be dismissed – and will hold a hearing next month to consider his request.

June 21st: Judge Michael P. Toomin of the Cook County Circuit Court ordered the appointment of a special prosecutor to independently investigate the allegations Smollett had made for the fake attack and to determine why the Cook County Procuratorate dismissed all charges against him would have.

August 23rd: Judge Toomin appointed Dan Webb Special Prosecutor.


Why did Judge Toomin appoint a special prosecutor?

Judge Toomin's appointment to Webb was made after a retired judge at the Cook County Circuit Court had appointed a special prosecutor to hear "the whole truth" about what had happened in the Smollett case.

Michael P. Toomin

When he ordered the appointment of a special prosecutor, Toomin stated that there had been "unprecedented irregularities" in the handling of the case by Cook's District Attorney Kim Foxx.

Kim Foxx

Toomin found, among other things, that Foxx Magats had called into a "fictional office" because there is no position as Acting Cooks County State Attorney. What she should have done is that Toomin asks Cook County Court to appoint a special prosecutor – and that's what he did.

"Here the state ship ventured out of its sheltered harbor, without the leading hand of its captain. There was no master on the bridge that guided the ship as it fidgeted through unknown waters. " Toomin noted in his decision.

According to Toomin, when Smollett was arrested, charged, charged, and charged with the charges against him, there was virtually no prosecutor. All these decisions were therefore invalid.


What happens next?

Webb and the lawyer team he compiled from Winston & Strawn have full access to all of the documents relating to the Smollett case (Incidentally, the company takes over this work free of charge).

You can also summon important witnesses – and interview them under Eid à la Robert Mueller.

If circumstances warrant, they may recommend bringing new charges against Smollett, as there is no "double risk" since Smollett has never been brought to justice.

They may also recommend the prosecution of any other person who has acted illegally with a view to dismissing the charges against Smollett.

So, what happens next?

Liars lie …

Players play …

Runners run …

Sing singers …

And prosecutors – especially special prosecutors – are being prosecuted.

Ultimately, I think they will only file charges against Smollett.

But these allegations can be more serious than the charges of crimes he was originally confronted with.

Congratulations, Jussie Smollett. You are about to take on a very serious new role: the convicted criminal!

Yes – Jussie Smollett will probably never work as an actor or musician again.