Will Jenelle Evans and David Eason get back together?

Jenelle Evans is nothing but unpredictable. First Teen mom 2 Star surprised fans when he announced his separation from David Eason in October 2019. Several months later, he seemed to be thriving under the safety net of a restraining order. Now, however, everything is changing once again. The mother of three children inexplicably requested that the protection order against Eason be lifted, and the judge presiding over the case agreed. Fans now wonder why Evans would make such a strange decision. Some followers even think he plans to return to Eason.

Why Jenelle Evans requested the
restraining order be dismissed

Evans and Eason will meet in court on January 14 to further discuss the protection order. According to the paperwork obtained by Online radar, Evans requested that the protection order be dismissed on January 10. The court date was canceled in light of Evans’ decision. Evans had previously tried to have the order extended twice before his dismissal request, according to court records.

January 10 was the Friday before the court date and only one day after the news that Eason was a wanted man. Eason was to go to a court in Wilmington, North Carolina for illegally towing a truck, but it never showed up. An arrest warrant was issued against him. It is not known whether Eason clarified his legal problems in North Carolina, but the timing of both events is undoubtedly interesting for Teen mom 2 fans.

Are David and Jenelle receiving
together again?

Evans’s decision to dismiss his request for a restraining order seems quite strange. In the initial documents, Evans alleged that Eason acted violently towards his children at least 11 times. During a reported event, Evans claims that Eason locked his son, Kaiser Griffin, in a working vehicle. The incident reportedly distressed the boy.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason
Jenelle Evans and David Eason Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic)

The decision to dismiss the order could mean several things, but most fans believe it implies that Evans is stepping back in his decision to divorce Eason. By rejecting the protection order, Eason can now contact Evans if he wishes. It also opens the possibility for Eason to seek joint custody of the couple’s only child if divorce proceedings continue. Neither Evans nor Eason have commented on the decision, but both are unlikely to remain silent for a long time. For now, his divorce is still pending, according to Online radar, but that could also change at any time.

What’s going on with Jenelle’s rumors?
new boyfriend?

Making things a bit more complicated is the fact that Evans has been linked to a new man. Fans of the reality TV star saw Evans in the Instagram story of Herbert Wilkinson, a 31-year-old man from Braintree, Massachusetts, in December 2019. In the video, Evans is seen walking to a table in a bar or restaurant Wilkinson calls Evans “baby” in the exchange. Evans also liked all of Wilkinson’s Instagram posts, which led fans to believe the couple was an element.

However, the status of Evans’s relationship remains unknown. She has refused to comment on her connection to Wilkinson and has vehemently denied rumors of romance since leaving North Carolina. He had previously been linked to a guitarist from the Nashville area whom he visited before separating from Eason. The stories of a romantic connection turned out to be false. The Instagram profile originally linked to Wilkinson seems to have been deleted.

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