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Widow fell at the grave of Decl :: News – TV center – Official website of the TV channel

Tolmatsky was buried at the Pyatnitsky cemetery

In Moscow, Cyril Tolmatsky said goodbye. Decl spent relatives and fans on the last trip. Colleagues & musicians at the dirge could be counted on their fingers.

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Heartbroken father fell on Decl & # 39; s chest

The rapper's family steadfastly held on to the public ceremony. Only the father broke, he tried to say a farewell word, but he burst into tears and fell on the coffin. Completed at this civil funeral. The body of Decl was taken to the temple for the funeral.

Further ceremonies promised to join strangers, but at the last minute the family let the fans go to church and attend the funeral. Everyone gave out candles. The people were quiet. Parents and son were crying, only widowed Julia fought herself. Decl finally said during his life that he did not want to see people crying during the funeral.

"She seemed frozen with grief," whispered the people in the church. Only Decl & # 39; s wife surrendered to the grave. When the lid was closed, Julia fell apart and burst into tears, TVTS.RU reports with reference to eyewitnesses.

All the while, the father of Decl supported his grandson Tony. Tolmatsky embraced the boy, the child made no objection and seized his grandfather, reassuring him. "It seems that the family has reconciled with grief," eyewitnesses said.

Recall Cyril Tolmatsky died in the night of 3 February. After a private party in the locker room he became ill. Doctors could Decl. The rapper was 35 years old. Tolmatsky was buried at the Pyatnitsky cemetery in Moscow.

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