Why was Kandi Burruss initially surprised that Yovanna was the snake?

In The true housewives of Atlanta, the entire “Snakegate” controversy mocked for the first time during the fall before the season 12 premiere. With the tension rising in recent episodes, things finally ended in episode 11 of last night, “Snake Bye “.

The snake riddle game that viewers have been playing for months is now over, and the person turned out to be the one many suspected. But Kandi Burruss shared that at first he hesitated to believe it.

Kandi Burruss
Kandi Burruss | Gary Gershoff / Getty Images

The essence of the drama that is “Snakegate”

Cynthia Bailey and NeNe Leakes have been out for some time, and throughout the season RHOAIt seems that nothing could repair your fractured relationship. NeNe’s anger towards Cynthia stems from the latter’s friendship with Kenya. NeNe and Kenya don’t get along at all.

What made things worse between Cynthia and Nene is when it was mentioned that someone recorded Cynthia speaking ill of NeNe. Back in episode six, Kandi told Cynthia that a common friend recorded her “chase after NeNe.” Kenya witnessed how Kandi shared this, and “Snakegate” was born. This has been going on for weeks.

Why did Kandi find it difficult to connect the points on Yovanna?

Before the episode of January 12, RHOA, Porsha, Kenya and Kandi conducted their own investigation and realized that Yovanna Momplaisir was to blame. She denied it, of course, but finally, in episode 11, the truth came out through NeNe. Yovanna never had it.

During the recap of Kandi’s “Speak On It” episode on her YouTube channel, she talked about how she was surprised by Yovanna’s behavior. He said from the beginning that he believed that the woman was being genuine in trying to connect with her castmates out of camera and build true relationships. When Yovanna refuted the claims that she was the snake, Kandi bought her.

The ugliness developed in ‘RHOA’

As a result of Snakegate’s drama in the last episode, several arguments emerged and one ended with NeNe and Kenya almost about to explode. Yovanna maintained her innocence even when Cynthia openly asked her if she recorded it, and that led Porsha, Kenya, NeNe and everyone else to play. It became chaos, and then Porsha and Yovanna also had an unpleasant confrontation.

After all that, Kenya discussed the terrible experience during her confessional and declared that she believes NeNe lied about the recording and does not believe it exists. NeNe keeps saying there is “audio”, but he paints it as Yovanna as information guardian.

Kandi, on the other hand, told Andy Cohen during his appearance on Watch what happens live They never really confirmed anything. “We never got real answers. I felt there had to be a recording. I didn’t feel that NeNe invented that. “

Have the ladies resolved anything? No. Yovanna left Toronto
Travel early, as NeNe did, and Cynthia is not talking to any of them. Fans should
tune in next week to see how this develops and to find out if Tanya will
Confront Kenya over the rumors it is spreading about its man. Could occur.

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