Who is Danny Trejo? New details about the actor who rescued a baby from the overturned, burning car


He is perhaps the nicest man in Hollywood!

He is an actor who is best known for his role as Machete in the Spy children films and the subsequent film of the same name with the same name. And although he can play tough guys on the screen, he recently proved that he is not only one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, he is also a real superhero. Who is Danny Trejo?

Let's look at what we know about this cute actor and wonderful person.

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1. He saved a baby from a turned over car.

According to CNN, Danny Trejo was running his own company when a terrible car accident happened in Sylmar, CA, located in the northernmost part of Los Angeles. One of the vehicles turned around and left a baby behind. With the help of another bystander, Monica Jackson, Trejo jumped into action and released the baby. And while the baby was not seriously injured, three other people with non-life-threatening injuries were taken to the hospital.

2. Danny Trejo loves his tacos.

According to Fortune Magazine, Danny Trejo not only limits his talents to the acting world. On the contrary, he's branched out and has expanded his talents to the restaurant industry, opening Trejo Tacos in Los Angeles. He has also opened Trejo & # 39; s Donuts, also in Los Angeles; both often appear in "pop-up shops" throughout the country. And as a sidebar, if you haven't tried the vegan mushroom asada taco, you're clearly doing something wrong with your life, because that taco is absolutely ah-may-sing.

3. His mother still calls him & # 39; Machete & # 39; up to the present day.

According to VladTV, Danny Trejo embodied the character of Machete Spy children and the following Machete films that his mother still continues to & # 39; Machete & # 39; calls. But he is also known for his roles in films such as Anchorman, Bad Ass, Anaconda, and Con Air.