When you eat beans every day, this is what happens.

While making beans as part of your daily diet can help you prevent type 2 diabetes, that’s not all beans can do when it comes to the disease. This is because choosing to eat beans every day can also help you control type 2 diabetes if you already have it, according to registered dietitian Joy Bauer. “Beans, which include black, white, navy, lime, pinto, chickpea, soy and kidney varieties, contain a winning combination of high-quality carbohydrates, lean proteins and soluble fiber that helps stabilize blood sugar levels of his body and keeps the hunger check, “he wrote in an article to Everyday health. “Beans are also economical, versatile and virtually fat free.”

As for what to match your beans with, Bauer has some recommendations. “If you are looking for foods that raise blood sugar levels slowly and gently, choose high-quality carbohydrates, such as brown or wild rice, instead of low-quality carbohydrates such as refined grains and sugary foods,” he explained. She noted that adding healthy fat is also a good idea.

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