When you drink kombucha tea every day, this happens

Even if you decided to drink kombucha tea every day as part of your routine, you may want to think twice before trying to prepare yours at home. According to how things workPreparing popular tea at home is very different from buying things bought in the store. This is because store-bought brands produce their kombucha in sterile conditions and, although you may think your kitchen is spotless, harmful bacteria can accidentally end up in your lot. Notably, Living room He published a woman’s story about how he discovered that his homemade concoction had given him severe food poisoning.

In fact, it is known that homemade kombucha tea produces diseases such as hepatitis and, in one case, even death, according to the National Center for Capital Poisons. In 1995, a woman’s cardiac arrest and subsequent death were related to her high consumption of kombucha tea. At the same time, another woman suffered a cardiac arrest. It was discovered that the two women, among others, had consumed kombucha made from SCOBY derived from the same original fungus, according to the CDC.

If you want to prepare yours, be very, very Watch out!

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