What the queen thinks about Meghan and Harry’s decision

After the first family reunion, Queen Elizabeth II spoke with the press about the drastic decision of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to distance themselves from the rest of the royalty. This face-to-face meeting, which consisted of Prince Charles and Prince William, as well as Prince Harry (Meghan could have joined by phone, since she has already returned to Canada), was the first time the queen had met with his youngest grandson since his surprise of an announcement. Although, according to Fox news, the royal family was not informed of this decision ahead of time, Queen Elizabeth II did not focus on punishing the couple. northor tried to force them to rescind their choice, but instead is trying to negotiate a compromise in which everyone’s needs are met.

The queen’s last statement called the discussions “very constructive” and claimed that the whole family “respects and understands [the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s] I want to live a more independent life as a family while still being a valuable part of my family. “Although no specific details were given about the logistics of Harry and Meghan’s declared desire to reject public funds, as well as their desire to relocate, the Queen “agreed that there will be a transition period in which the Sussex will spend time in Canada and the United Kingdom.” HRH has also indicated that there is still more work to be done to untangle this complex logistics network, but nonetheless has stated that Try the issues are resolved in a matter of days instead of letting “Megxit” become a disaster of Brexit-like proportions.

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