What splendid daughters have former colleagues Raluca Moianu, Dan Negru and Andreea Marin! Pictures you do not see often


Raluca Moianu, the presenter of the show "Forgive Me", broadcast during 2000-2007, is proud of her daughter. From the marriage to Marius Ancuta, the famous snooker commentator who died on July 19, 2018, the star has a 14-year-old daughter, Mara. She has inherited the mother's mood and is a ballerina with many awards at work.

"She is such an independent child who does just what she feels. I took her to horseback riding, swimming and painting, and let her choose what she wanted. And he chose the ballet. She was 5 years old when I passed the Vienna Opera and told me that she would like to dance there. Her ballet professor was first ballerina in Oleg Danovski's band, and she is delighted with Mare's desire to be like her. The Mare's Idol is Alina Cojocaru (member of the UK Royal School of Ballet), one of the Romanians who are honored in the world. When he was a little girl and I told her stories, I had one with a ballet dancer who met with Alina Cojocaru, "Raluca Moianu told Click! some time ago.

Dan Negru, who starred in the "Academy of Stars" from Antena 1, in 1995, has two children with his wife, Crenguţa, Dara (9 years old), a third grade pupil at a state school, and Bogdan (7 years old). Pushtoaica is a beautiful fire and very tall for her age, being one of the best math students in the class. The three were surprised two weeks ago for a walk in the Ghencea neighborhood.

Andreea Marin debuted at TVR in 1999 with the show "Surprises, Surprises". She was only 24 years old, men were roaming around her and she was not thinking of setting up a family, but only of a career. Only Stefan Bănică convinced her to become a mother, and this happened in 2007 when she brought Violeta to the world. It's been nearly twelve years since then, and Violeta is a beautiful, intelligent little girl. The little boy teaches at a private school, "International School of Bucharest," with English teaching, in the Computer Science class. It is like a fairy, with big eyes, blue, white skin and red lips, resembling both parents. Besides computer science, Violeta likes animals, walks in the park, plays with the older brother, Radu, but also to paint.