What is to come for the Chicago shows

Never a dull moment in Chicago!

Because there is always a serious drama in the world of Chicago Med, Chicago PDY Chicago fire, we got as many cast members as we could find during the day of the press tour of the NBC TV Critics Association to talk about what’s happening, and naturally, there is a lot of talk about kisses. Specifically, there is that kiss between April (Yaya DaCosta) and Marcel (Dominic Rains) what happened while Ethan (Brian Tee) was deployed.

April and Ethan are now engaged, but this is a television show, so naturally, that secret kiss will come out somehow.

“It cannot remain a secret forever,” DaCosta told us. “But how it comes out will make all the difference.”

April will now also undergo IVF, which is a drama in itself, with medical cases to be treated.

In Chicago fire, Jesse Spencer He says the program will continue to build the friendship between Casey and Brett “pretty well” while the slow burn is still burning, although Brett now has to deal with the return of his birth mother. Both Casey and Brett are healing and do not want to jump to anything, but “there is a definite attraction there.”

And above Chicago PD, Patrick Flueger He says that Adam and Kim are trying to solve things during their pregnancy, of what they may or may not want him to be a part of.

Click Play above to listen to the stars about the drama of the relationship in question, as well as a tidbit or two about the next crossover, which will feature Fire and PD working together in an overdose case. That crossover will also feature the return of PD Brian Geraghty.

Chicago Med, P.S.Y Fire Wednesday airs from 8 p.m. on NBC

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