What could Marvel's soundtrack learn from the Blade TV series?


The blade The film series was initially very successful, especially given the dark character. The negative recording of the third film, however, slowed the franchise and gave way Blade: The series on Spike TV. Although it received mixed reviews, it had some interesting ideas that had not been featured in the films.

Marvel has recently announced a new blade project in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and they will definitely want to capitalize on the successes of the first two films while simultaneously making the new release stand out. In this case, it is best to look at what was right (and wrong) in the TV series and use the unique identity to develop a new vision for the character.

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Let us become real

Although the films refer to Blade: The series really immersed in the vampire class system. This included pure-bred vampires who looked down on those who were either hybrids or people who became vampires. The racist allegories are pretty obvious, especially given that Blade is outside of this pure-bred elite.

In addition, this arrogant class of vampires is usually dressed in high-society fashion and stands out visually from the other characters. The blade is further out of this bubble because it's a black man, while pretty much all the vicious hordes with fangs on the show are extremely pale.

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The show also commented on the Iraq war of that time, when one of its protagonists, Krista Starr, was a veteran returning from her last tour. In addition, vampire antagonist Martin Van Sciver appears to be interested in restoring aged areas of Detroit (he's not) in which the series plays. This urban decay and the various social issues that could be addressed in it would be as poignant as never before in a new one blade Series or movie.

Given the reception at both Marvels Black Panther and Luke Cage, as well as DCs Black LightningFans and audiences are eager to see superhero media tackle issues such as racial inequality and systemic oppression. In view of the probable fright curve of Blade, Inspiration could also be the recent successes Go out and Us. Dealing with such issues would feel organic and set the film apart from previous MCU contributions.

Blade needs new blood

2-sheet TV series Cringe

Although it came out before that dusk madness struck his step, Blade: The series waIt is a clear indication of how vesical the bloodsuckers should be until the beginning of the 2010s. Although it may not be Edward Cullen, the vampires on the show are dressed almost uniformly, aristocratic and pale.

This applies to both thoroughbreds and half-breeds, making the class structure somewhat difficult to understand visually. Part of it can be blamed on the budget of the show. The series was produced by the tertiary network Spike. that would not have had the budget of networks like ABC, NBC or Fox. Vice versa, blade was known to have stretched thin, what budget it had. Along with the declining ratings, this meant that it was canceled so quickly.

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Marvel / Disney obviously did not have this problem, which means they could and should make the vampires as clear as possible. This includes the range of forces that various vampires might possess. Although the show is about different vampire clans, there is not much variety in what they can do.

The MCU blade should deal with vampires who challenge it in different ways. Otherwise, it is always fought against the same enemy. The first film showed how this can happen with his notorious obese vampire Pearl.

No blade and his amazing friends

Blade television series

Another way in which the TV show format hindered the series was in focus. Krista Starr is just as much a protagonist as Blade, if not more. This is done to give the show more police format, which is more than likely when it comes to budgetary measures. The show ends with more vampire police and robbers showing that Blade is also starring.

Ironically, this reflects Blade's predecessor Tomb of Dracula Comic stories, it's also cheating fans who want to focus the show on Blade. By shooting a movie about Blade and the vampire lore, rather than trying to make it mainstream, Marvel easily avoids this danger.

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Another reason for the departure from Blade could lie in the relatively small experience of the rapper actor Sticky Fingaz, who replaced Wesley Snipes in the series. Given the fact that Marvel has taken over the extraordinary Mahershala Ali, this time it will not be an issue. In light of Snipes' official delivery of the torch to Ali, unlike the circumstances that led to Snipes not being featured in the television series, fans may also be more receptive to these changes.

Another problem with the original television program was that Blade and the surrounding blood cells had to be notoriously deleted from the movies. Whether the Blade project will end up as a new series on Hulu or become the MCU's first R-rated film, hopefully a balance can be established between the two tones.

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