Wendy Williams apologizes to Blue Bomber for cleft lip comments

The host of the television show Wendy Williams apologized to Winnipeg’s blue bomber, Adam Bighill, for comments made on the “Wendy Williams Show” that seemed to mock those with a cleft lip.

On Wednesday morning, the bomber’s supporter went to Twitter to announce that his son Beau, who was also born with a cleft lip, was on his way to surgery to repair it. Since the offensive gestures were made on the show on January 7, Bighill has accessed Twitter every day, demanding an apology from Williams.

That apology finally arrived.

“We are thinking about Beau today because he is in surgery,” Williams tweeted Wednesday night. “I want to apologize to the split community and, in honor of Beau, our program is donating to (Operation Smile) and (the American Association of Physiophreniophysiology).”

Williams also encouraged his viewers to learn more and support the split community.

“It’s really making her recognize what she did and talk about it,” Bighill told CTV News on Monday. “And people who watch that program can realize that we are all part of ending bullying, we are all part of that, and that will be a great message for everyone.”

Adam Bighill and his son were born with a cleft lip and bilateral cleft palate. (Source: Adam Bighill / Twitter.)

The Bighill campaign on Twitter gathered support throughout North America, obtaining hundreds of likes, comments and retweets that support its call for an apology.

On Wednesday night, in a private exchange via Twitter, Bighill told CTV News that the apology would “work” for him. “Hopefully for others too,” he said.

On Bighill’s public Twitter account, he thanked Williams for his apologies, donations and good wishes for Beau’s surgery.

“I forgive you, and I also encourage others,” Bighill tweeted.


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